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Videos (Live concert footage) added a couple of Elvis The Concerts Holland 2001
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TTWII Promo page
Welcome to my collection, I have been very luck over the years in that I have been able to collect all the major Elvis releases, weather it be official or unofficial, and on these pages you'll be able to check out the track listings to 99% of them.
Most of the unofficial recordings are Sold Out and have been for many month/years now. As so few are pressed and then sometimes re-presses, but even then it still doesn't satisfy everybody.
But with CD-R copies being made available just about everywhere these recordings are now widely available for just about anyone to own. I can make CD-R copies from my collection so if you need a copy of something that you may have missed just send me an e-mail with your request
I can now make Video copies in any format from Pal to NTSC & many more
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