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December 1956, Audubon Drive, Memphis

When the Saints Go Marching In

NB. This Tape also captured thirty minutes of Elvis shooting pool and watching TV, seemingly unaware the tape recorder was still running, also on this tape Elvis has a go at Pat Boone's "I'll Be Home"

July 4th possibly. 1958, Eddie Fadle's Home Waco. Texas

I Understand - Dialogue
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
I Can't Help It
Who's Sorry Now
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby - Dialogue
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Baby Don't Ya Know
Tomorrow Night
Little Darling
Just A Closer Walk With Thee

NB. Released on the CD Home Recordings

April 1959, Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheim, Germany

I'm Beginning To Forget You (Legendary Performer Vol. 4)
I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You (Platinum)
Mona Lisa (Legendary Performer Vol. 4)
Danny Boy (A Golden Celebration)
Loving You (In A Private Moment)
I'm Beginning To Forget You. (Platinum)

NB In spite of notations in the booklet "Platinum, A Life In Music" new information proves these recordings are not from 1961.

April 1959 or later, Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheim, Germany

He Knows Just What I Need
Cool Water
His Hand In Mine
Return To Me
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Stand By Me
Take My Hand, Precious Lord
Oh, Lonesome Me

All Unreleased
NB. As Of yet only the track listing for this tape has surfaced? It is uncertain if this tape is lost?

After April 1959, Goethestrasse, Bad Nauheim, Germany

At The Hop (piano Solo)
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (slow)
Apron Strings
It's Been So Long Darling
Earth Angel (Golden Celebration)/ I Will Be True
There's No Tomorrow
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (slow No. 2)
Que Sera, Sera/Hound Dog
I Asked The Lord (Golden Celebration)
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen - Fast Version
Apron Strings (No.2)
Number Eight
At The Hop
Que Sera, Sera/Hound Dog (No.2)
Piano Solo
Send Me Some Lovin'
Soldier Boy (Golden Celebration)
The Fool (Golden Celebration)

NB All tracks released on Bootleg CD "Greetings From Germany"

Fall 1960, Monoval Drive, Hollywood

You'll Never Walk Alone
Sweet Leilani
If I Loved You
The Lords Prayer
I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder
An Evening Prayer
Make Believe
She Wears My Ring
Sweet Leilani (No. 2)
Beyond The Reef
When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
Hands Off
Lawdy Miss Clawdy

NB. Recorded sometime around the making of "Flaming Star" all tracks now all released.

Sometime in 1961, Location Unknown

Moonlight Swim (The Colonels Collection)

With Unknown female backing

February 1966 - Early 1967. Rocca Place, Hollywood.

Except for the last 5 tracks in this section which were found on acetate, and released in part in the 1980's the rest were discovered at Graceland in 1996. They are reported as being recorded by Red West. As far as can be determined they were recorded around 1966. Although Red West can remember that they were recorded over a longer time span.

After Loving You (Platinum)
If I Love You (Time Life - Love Songs)

The above feature Elvis singing at the piano

Beyond The Reef (Unreleased)
Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord (Home Recordings CD)
Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Home Recordings CD)
Hide Thou Me (Home Recordings CD)
It's No Fun Being Lonely (Home Recordings CD)
San Antonio Rose (Home Recordings CD)
Tennessee Waltz (Platinum)
Tennessee Waltz (Home Recordings CD 2nd Version)
I've Been Blue (Home Recording CD)
Mary Lou Brown (Home Recordings CD)
Moonlight Sonata (In A Private Moment)
Oh How I Love Jesus (Platinum)
I, John - incomplete (In A Private Moment)
Suppose (Home Recordings CD as originally recorded Overdubbed on March 20th 1967)
Indescribably Blue (Home Recordings CD)

The above feature Elvis, Charlie Hodge & Red West, on several tracks other friend join in, on several performances Elvis sings Bass and Charlie sings lead.

Fools Rush In (In A Private Moment)
It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (In A Private Moment)
What Now My Love (Home Recordings CD)
500 Miles (In A Private Moment)
Blowin' In The Wind (Platinum)
Blue Hawaii (In A Private Moment)
500 Miles (From Memphis To Canada)

The Above feature Elvis and friends singing along to instrumental records

Be My Love (Unreleased)
Baby What You Want Me To Do (Unreleased)
Write To Me From Naples (Golden Celebration)
My Heart Cries For You (Golden Celebration)
Dark Moon (Golden Celebration)

The above came from an acetate, and feature Elvis, Charlie and Red singing harmony

Do The Clam(few lines)
Almost Lost My Mind(incomplete)
Since I Met You Baby(3 or 4 times)
Puppy Love(5 versions approx.)
I Can't Believe You Still Love Me(Possible Title name)
Do The Clam(part)
Don't Forbid Me(incomplete)
The above section remains unreleased.
This tape runs for almost 1 hour, there is lots of laughter and is mainly Elvis on Guitar, and Red West & Charlie Hodge, backing Elvis. This tape seems to have slipped through the fingers of BMG. Hopefully will turn up again.

November 1973 The Thompson Home, Memphis

Young At Heart - one line (Unreleased)
Rocky Top (Songs To Sing)
Spanish Eyes (Songs To Sing)
Baby What You Want Me To Do (Songs To Sing)
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Songs To Sing)
See, See Rider (Songs To Sing)
That's All Right (Songs To Sing)
Your Life Has Just Begun - duet with Linda Thompson (A Private Moment With The King CD)
Tear Drops - duet with Linda Thompson (A Private Moment With The King CD)
Short Poem by Elvis "As I Awoke This Morning" plus dialogue (A Private Moment CD)

NB this date seems to be more accurate than the one from June 1974

April, 1974, Palm Springs Home, California

Let Me Be The One - Elvis Sings partial bass lead (Unreleased)
Spanish Eyes (Songs To Sing)

NB Elvis is accompanied by the group "Voice"

December 21st r 22nd, Graceland. Memphis

Crazy Arms
Just Call Me Lonesome
The Twelfth Of Never

NB The sound is said to be clearer than the Linda Thompson tape from 73, this was offered to BMG but they never followed up on it, i have heard. so this will remain unreleased Elvis knew this was taped!"its said Joe Esposito came in the room so the tape was swiched off and hidden, but Elvis was OK about it


The Cancelled Recording Session
From August 22 - 23 1967: RCA Studio A, Hollywood

This session was called because of the fall in sales of the Movie Soundtracks
Songs Elvis had chosen were:
After Loving You (eventually recorded 18th Feb, 1969)
The Wonder Of You (eventually recorded live 18th Feb, 1970)
The Fool (Eventually recorded 4th June 1970)
Hello, Josephine (Only Fooled with during a rehearsal in August of 1974 Still Unreleased)
Pledging My Love (eventually recorded 29th Oct, 1976)
Don't Let Go (by Roy Hamilton never recorded ?)
Just Call Me Lonesome (eventually recorded 11th Sept 1967)
Ramblin' Rose (Never recorded ?)
From A Jack To A King (eventually recorded 21st Jan, 1969)
We Call On Him (eventually recorded 11th Sept, 1967)
Singing Tree (eventually recorded 10 & 11th Sept, 1967)
Inherit The Wind (eventually recorded 15th Jan, 1969)

Elvis Later added:-
Brown Eyed, Handsome Man (only Million Dollar Quartet Versions Known to exist)
Too Much Monkey Business (eventually recorded 15th Jan 1968)
Baby What You Want Me To Do (eventually recorded during 68 TV Special)
Without Love (eventually recorded 22nd Jan, 1969)
I Was Born About Ten Thousand years Ago (eventually recorded 4th June, 1970)
Guitar Man (eventually recorded 10th Sept, 1967)

Just Days before the Session the final List was down to 11 songs:-
We Call Him
Here Comes Tomorrow (never recorded ?)
Ramblin' Rose
From A Jack To A king
After Loving You
Guitar Man
And I Tell The Sea (never recorded ?)
Brown eyed handsome Man
I'll Never Find Another You (never recorded ?)
Tonight I Won't Be There (never recorded ?)
Baby What You Want Me To  Do.
(But selections kept changing on a daily basis, on the day before the session was due to begin Tom Diskin was informed for the first time that Elvis' music companies couldn't make deals on five of the above songs. In the end none of it mattered.)  The sessions were due to start at 7:00pm each night
All information from New Ernst Jorgensen Book & Elvis Sessions II by Joe Tunzi

Lost Recordings

Louisiana Hayride Film possibly January 1955 - in Colour
Known about since 1992
Someone who worked for the Louisiana Hayride in the mid 50's and his job was to Film most if not ALL the Hayride shows. Apparently for legal reasons. One tape is Marked Elvis Presley, is in Colour by Silent filmed straight on. Apparently the owner had hundreds of these films mostly they had sound too. But no other Elvis one could be located in the few they looked at?? Amazing to say the least..

1956 & 1957 Concerts on Audio
Some one who claimed to work for Tom Diskin has 12 concerts from 1956 and one from 1957
one of the 1956 shows is believed to be from May 14th in Lacrosse, WI which contains the full 20 minute show in perfect sound and Elvis sung a great version of
Only You

1957 show is from Canada and has the song
Fools Hall Of Fame
Sound is better than "Heart Of Stone" but not as good as Tupelo Concerts"

Golden Gate Quartet tape
One of the group has the entire audio tape of a show they did in Paris 1959, where Elvis was in the audience and joined them on stage, this tape was given to Rick Whitesell(the editor of GOLDMINE magazine). Unfortunately he has died and the tapes can't be found but again supposed to be in perfect quality.
Elvis sung the following.
I John, The Revelator
and either:-
Milky White Way
Joshua Fit The Battle

NB latest on "Golden Gate Quartet.
I met Clyde Wright last year when "The Golden Gate"  was on tour in France he is one of former member of "Golden Gate Quartet", we talked about their meeting with Elvis, it was not in 1959 but in january the 17th of 1960.
There is many newspaper reports about this meeting.
Elvis didn't get up on stage to sing with them but after the show, he meet them in the Line Renaud dressing room at midnight. There were 10 people in the dressing room, the Golden Gate Quartet, Elvis, Line Renaud, Loulou Gaste (Line's Husband), Line's hairdresser,  Line's dresser & Casino de Paris doorkeeper.
According Line Renaud who were at this time the Leader of the show named "Plaisirs" , they spend all the night singing Godspel songs they give up the dressing room at 6AM.
very important Line Renaud says in the dressing room they didn't have tape recorder so no recording were made.

Here is the translation of the news report:

Elvis Presley improvise a jam session at Line's Renaud Dressing room at Casino de Paris.
Elvis Presley the most famous Rock n roll singer in USA, who is in the army in Germany, came Sunday evening applause Line Renaud in the revue at Casino de Paris.
When she learn that, Line asked to his husband Loulou Gasté , to invite him to take a drink with them in her dressing room after the show.
Loulou get some difficult to see him, in a showroom full of people. The singer was between all americans uniforms deploy in the audience. He finally discover him at the second rank of the balcony behins a commando of US marines.
Elvis Presley delighted to know Line Renaud, didn't need much persuasing.
He just asked than the four black singers of the Casino came also at the meeting.
This one started at midnight.And, at 4am we could see two enthusiast spectators: Line Renaud and Loulou Gasté.
They applause frantically an unchained Elvis Presley. Arrived in a clothe of Infantery corporal, he was unrecognisable. He took the guitar of loulou Gasté and he was in one's shirtsleeves, withou tie, hairs uncombed, he was sang with the "Golden Gate" all the music repertory of New Orleans.

I tried to be the most exact in the translation of this news paper report.
100% Elvisly yours
Thanks to Dominique for this information and cliping