DVD Rarities
Sun Days with Elvis Vol. 1 & 2 (both on one DVD) 120 min
Love Me Tender (in Colour) + 50's movie trailers 105 min
Jailhouse Rock (in colour) + 50's movie trailers 112 min
The Complete Movie Trailers (Love Me Tender - TTWII SE)
1st Ever Elvis & Lost Home Movies & Sighting At Graceland - 90 min
Frank Sinatra TV Special (Video version longer and better quality than Tunzi DVD) 65 min
Joe Esposito Hone Movies & The Elvis I knew by Charlie Hodge (2 on one DVD) 100 min
All The Kings Men Vol. 1-3 150 min
All The Kings Men Vol. 4-6 150 min
Our Memories Of Elvis (George Klein) 55 min
The King Of Entertainment 20th Anniversary Tribute - 95 min
68 Comeback - The Stand Up Shows 65 min
That's The Way It Is - 3 hour version
Return To Splendour 50 min
King Back In Vegas (August 1970) 70 min
The Kings Masters Vol. 1- 120 min
The Kings Masters Vol. 2- 120 min
The Kings Masters Vol. 3- 120 min
The Kings Masters Vol. 4- 120 min
The Kings Masters Vol. 5- 120 min
From Memphis To Madison 70 min
Elvis' Summer Festival '72
Omaha 74 (almost complete concert) 50 min
3 Days In March 76 (concert film)
Pittsburgh 31st Dec 76 (six angles) 150 min
The Last Year (Concert film from March - June 77) 100 min
CBS TV Special - Have I Got News For You (UK Version + TV Clips about Elvis' death) 110 min
CBS Out-takes Omaha & Rapid City + USA version of CBS TV Special 180 min
Elvis The Colonel & Me by Ed Bonja 70 min
Hot Shots & Cool Clips Vol. 1 65 min
Kathy Westmoreland talks about Elvis 50 min
Elvis The Concert '97 with duet (amateur film)
The Continuing Search For Elvis 106 min
Graceland 2002 (TV show about Graceland) 55 min

These are a noticeable improvement on the video versions available.
These are not VCD they are DVD and a vast improvement on many of the VCD's around today.
Although these DVD's are copies they will play on over 80% of the DVD players out there and will play on all PC's with DVD software.
If you are unsure if your DVD player will play DVD copies, check your manual, if it will play CD-R's it will play DVD copies without any problems.
This is an ideal way to back up your video collection.