Video & DVD Reviews
Pictures here taken from Video used
The Comeback Vol. 1 VCD
Memphis Sound MS-003
Running Time 67min approx.

What ever you do don't let the front cover put you off the quality here is the best I have ever seen and I have seen a very good version, but now I think the only way you will get better is if the Estate decide to release it officially. Like they stated they were going to do way back in 1998, but as they say they don't want to rush it.

This VCD is pure Elvis at his best, these two stand up shows are classic's in there own right. The quality of the first show is stunning. The second show is not as good but still better than we have been used to, but the "Trouble" section to the end of the show is as good as the first stand up show.
The pictures on the cover (except the front) are from the video used to make this VCD. So if you can obtain it do you won't regret it..

Elvis The Final Chapter
Passport Entertainment
Running Time 60 minutes

What Happened? Why Did It Happen? Did It Have To Happen?

Journey through the last years of Elvis' life, as told by the people who were there. This is an above average documentary about the last few years of Elvis' life as told by - Joe Esposito, Sheila Ryan & a host of female co-stars from the 60's movies.
The most disappointing part of the programme is Don Wilson and his re-enactments of Elvis' life; he is basically a bad Elvis impersonator, he claims to be an Elvis historian & friend.
If he was a friend to Elvis he should have shot himself before attempting the re-enactments, most were unnecessary anyway.
That said the documentary came over very well, Sheila Ryan someone who we don't often heard from came over very sincere about her times with Elvis.
This DVD should be watched by Elvis fans that want to perhaps learn a little more about Elvis, especially towards the end of his life.
As it cover the drugs etc. but in a way it shouldn't put fans off, especially the fans who don't believe he took such things, (and yes they are still out there).