The Hidden Works Of The King (revision 2)
By Scott Daughtry

First of all this is a different set up to the first edition but as I didn't get the first edition I can't compare but as a new piece of software I am very impressed by the sheer amount of information complied here for fans to look over and check out there own collections.
The CD comes with full details on how to install the software on to you PC although it looks a little fighting to look at, once you put the CD in to your computer and click on the SET UP ICON it's very simple to follow like most software you install onto your PC.
Each copy has it's own ID number so it can't be passed onto a friend or sold, but in saying that once installed I think you'll want friends to know just how good this product is, and as the price is easily within everyone's price range you should point them in the direction of:

This product has excellent fractures it also lacks in a few too, but where it lacks features it gives you the opportunity to update via e-mail to Scott for further editions of this e-book.
Each CD title listed has high quality scans of the front, back & disc plus if it is part of a box set the box is included to front and back; each CD cover is ready to print at the click of a button and the copy you get is ready to cut and put into a jewel case.
These pictures can also be copied to other applications on your computer so the program provided doesn't restrict you.
And before going any further this is so easy to use anyone will get to grips with it in minutes it's very user friendly.

When you open the program you are placed in front of a screen with five options these are: "Disc Titles" - this listed all the discs and includes a mammoth amount of information this is where you will also see the front and back covers, and with one click of the mouse on the cover it enlarges so you can see in great detail the contents and design. Also at the bottom of the list which is well over 500 titles you can click on any letter a-z to speed up your search, below this you have a button to view highlighted item which again you get the covers but also the disc track listing and other information like take number, track number and location, it just goes on and on.

The next button at the top of the page "Concerts" - here you have every known concert Elvis gave from the 50's through to the final tour Elvis was due to start the day he died, again here you can jump to any year, this also has a database filter which gives you a whole host of little features to allow you to access various selections of concert information, here you can list it as in your collection or if you still need it the features again will keep you stuck on your computer for hours.

The "Song Pick List" button follows this - this has an a - z of all of known recordings by Elvis and a few rumoured to have been recorded, this is one section that can't be updated by yourself it's more of an information section, which should be of use to most.

Next up "All Song Entries" - there is only 12,055 so enough for most people this lists the CD they are on track number and much more so if your looking for something quickly, this is the place to start.

Lastly "Traders" - here you can add your own information of addresses and names of everyone you trade or buy from, again this will keep everything tucked up in one place for easy access. Again very easy to update and once done that's it.

Also throughout the program you also have the help button, which will guide you if you get lost.
Now the only major down side I found on this e-book is you can't update the Disc Titles, when new released come out or to add titles that are missing, and there are a few, but that's where e-mailing Scott with relevant information will help on the next volume, like most things on Elvis it's almost impossible to have 100% up to date.

One other little note that may be of interest is that not only are Bootleg CD's listed but CD-R's are listed here to but not listed as CD-R just as CD's so you need to know a little on what's what concerning a legitimate release and a home made CD, as I can see some fans contacting there dealers demanding to know why they weren't told about a particular release, most diehard collectors can tell them apart but the novice may find it a little harder to get the CD from CD-R

So now you're saying to yourself how do I get a copy of this e-book simple go here