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Turning The Heat Up In Las Vegas
Las Vegas 10th February 1973 Midnight Show
Memory Records
49:03 minutes

This show has been doing the rounds for a long time I in fact put on CD-R under the title of "I'd Like You To Meet Jack Lord" then a few years later someone put it onto a proper CD for what reason defeats me the sound is fair but not the best. Here we get that show once more, but this time the sound is a little better, and packaging is far better than the previous outings too, These audience recordings most fans probably thought that they had been left behind for the Soundboards that have been making there mark for the past few years, but times are getting harder and fewer Soundboards seem to be getting out, so we are kind of taking a back step and going backwards to the old days of fan recordings, but that said the releases from Memory have been Todate of a reasonable quality where you can hear almost everything Elvis had to say during the show, and this concert is one of his better performances of this Vegas season.

Elvis King Of The Neon Jungle
Las Vegas 3rd September 1972 Midnight Show (3am Show on the 2nd September)
Memory Records
58:12 minutes

Here is the second of the two releases, only one thing, which happens a lot not only with Audience recordings but Soundboards too, far too little research goes into getting the date correct, this is in fact the 3am show on the 2nd September not the Midnight Show from the 3rd September as stated on the cover. The biggest giveaway is Elvis thanks everyone after "Polk Salad Annie" for coming out to see the show this early, that said it's a great show and Elvis puts on a great show as there are a fair number of celebrities in the audience, this also is the case due to the time of show, almost anybody could have gotten to see this show as they would all have been finished work by 2am?
These two releases like the previous two, "Caught In A Trap & Something Old, Something New" are in the words of Memory records "study material, for Elvis Presley Fan Club Members Only" and as study material they are worth the searching out as they are a good overview of Elvis' Vegas stage act from September 72 - January 74.
If only they could get the date correct for this one I may well of believed them but if you are giving some something for study purposes then you should have the information correct for your pupils ;-).