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Rubberneckin' 2002 (the re-mix)
No Label
4:33 minutes

Who ever has gone out of there way to produce this version has done a fairly good job, but not a patch on "A Little Less Conversation" but it has it's own feel and isn't a carbon copy of the "A Little Less Conversation" version so it is different in feel.
Also if BMG did get around to doing something with the song I think it would not be this version they would releasing as it dose have a professionally recorded feel to it, and with a computer you can do just about anything these days, and this is one of the attempts I feel.
The CD also has the alternate takes lifted from the Unsurpassed Masters box set and the Live version from Vegas in '69, oh and the master take of course to give the CD a total running time of 20:23 minutes.
Also for you CD collectors this is a CD-R and the cover is printed from a PC on fairly high quality paper. 

Tickle Me
No Label
41:04 minutes

This is another one of those silver CD-R jobs but unlike most this is a straight rip off of the BMG/Castle Music LP release and I think a little below the belt, and is also asking for trouble, but who ever has done this reproduction has done something few bootleggers dare to do as this is in the lines of counterfeiting.
Not the wisest of moves.
Again the covers are printed straight from a PC by the looks of them and cost cutting exercise I think.
So what else can I say but its out there if you want it on CD happy hunting.

Elvis Presley - The Ultimate Performance - remix (CD-R)
79:17 minutes
MWH 2002 label

Tracks That's All Right; Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Burning Love; Twenty Days And Twenty Nights; Don't Cry Daddy; In The Ghetto; The Wonder Of You; Kentucky Rain; You Gave Me A Mountain; Return To Sender; Moody Blue; Steamroller Blues; One Night; Heartbreak Hotel; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; All Shook Up; Blue Suede Shoes; Hound Dog; Long Tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin'; Johnny B. Goode; A Big Hunk O'Love; Suspicious Minds; It's Over; Unchained Melody; My Way What Now My Love; Softly As I Leave You; An American Trilogy; How Great Thou Art; Can't Help Falling In Love.

This is a copy of the old K-Tel release from many moons ago, but here it's been revamped updated and expanded with a few rare soundboard recordings, this collection of live recordings has been put together very well, and in some cases more professionally than K-Tel did on there release. The artwork hasn't strayed too far from the LP release but the most noticeable thing about this CD is the use of the BMG/RCA Logos on the cover and spine. Not something you want to shout out if you tamper with BMG recordings.
On the whole a very enjoyable CD, the only real downside to this CD-R is it's not being widely distributed it is more of a hobby for the person concerned, so as time goes by other people will no doubt make a lot of money from this CD and the person who put this together will get next to nothing for his many hours of hard work.

Elvis Presley - Remixed & Remixed 70's (CD-R)
CD 1 - 79:45 minutes
CD 2 - 78:51 minutes
MWH 2002 label
Tracks CD 1: - Return to Sender (3:25); A little Less Conversation (2:48); Make Me Know It (3:02); It's A Long Lonely Highway (3:17); Come What May (spliced remix - takes 1,2 2:33); Big Boss an (alternate remix 4:55); Clean Up Your Own Back Yard (undubbed remix 4:05); Stuck On You (2:58); Steppin' Out Of Line (master/alternate remix 2:34); A Big Hunk O' Love (3:34); Ain't That Loving You Baby (alternate remix 3:39); Doncha Think Its Time (2:26); Little Sister (instrumental remix 2:24); Please Don't Drag That String Around (3:05); Can't Help Falling In Love (movie version 2:37); Pocketful Of Rainbows (alternate remix 3:19); C'mon Everybody (movie soundtrack remix 3:02); Santa, Bring My Baby Back (To Me) (2:20); I Beg Of You (alternate remix 2:54); Hard Headed Woman (2:36); Got A Lot O'Livin' To Do (movie soundtrack remix 1:55); Baby, What You Want Me To Do (3:52); A Little Bit Of Green (long version 3:58); You Asked Me To (long overdub version 3:36).
Tracks CD 2: - Always On My Mind (long version 4:20); Burning Love (3:42); Snowbird (4:44); I'm Leavin' (4:54); My Boy (lone version 3:59); (That's What You Get) For Loving Me (3:06); Susan When She tried (3:34); I Can Help (4:58); For The Heart (long version 4:13); T.R.O.U.B.L.E (4:12); Bosom Of Abraham (alternate remix 2:44); It's Only Love (4:50); Don't Think Twice It's Alright (edited jam 5:56); Promised Land (4:28); From Memphis To Hawaii - Live Mix (12:10); Moody Blue (4:20).

This CD like the Live one is not being distributed as it should and of the two this one really is a gem, the amount of work involved here is immense, I have included the running times here so you can compare to the original masters as most of these tracks are longer than the masters.
What's more you will not be able to hear any join or edit, one thing must be mentioned though these remixes and overdubs are nothing like the "Little Less Conversation" these are very much in keeping with the original version, only minor changes have been made so most people upon listening to one of these track may not even notice any difference. 
Like the Live CD the cover again uses BMG/RCA logos, which is a little silly, but still a great little CD that again will not put too much money in the pocket of the person behind it but more to the people who re-boot it… which is a shame as it is an
                          Elvis Meets Presley Again
                              Running time 61 minutes approx.

Track listing for CD:-
1.Don't Cry Daddy (duet with Lisa)
2.C'mon Everybody (movie version remix)
3.Rubberneckin' 2002 (re-mix)
4.Do You Know Who I Am (end of session)
5.I'm Leavin (new mix)
6.Indescribably Blue (take 1 & edit piece take 2)
7.Tomorrow Night (overdubbed version)
8.You Asked Me To (take 2)
9.The Twelfth Of Never (overdub)
10.Help Me (live in Vegas Aug 74)
11.Bridge Over Troubled Water (alt take)
12.Green, Green Grass Of Home (live in Vegas March 75)
13.I'll Be There/You're the Reason I'm Living (live in Vegas March 75)
14.No Less Than Me (JD & The Stamps featuring Ed Enoch)
15.Elvis Has Left The Building (JD Sumner & The Stamps)
16.He Touched Me (take 2)

Below is the text taken straight from the sleeve notes, I have listened to this CD and it is very impressive, a great follow up to the popular "Elvis Meets Presley" but now you get it in far better sound..
The Disc is numbered 1 of 250 mine has sample written on it, but each will be numbered 1 - 250 on the disc during the onboard printing and not hand written. So they have informed me..
Happy hunting.

Now for the first time on CD, we give you the new Elvis Presley!
Starting with the long awaited "Elvis & Lisa duet" in perfect sound, along with the follow up single that never was "Rubberneckin' 2002". This version was rumoured to have been presented to and turned down by BMG. Who knows if this is truth of just wishful thinking, but it is a catchy version never the less.
There are many die-hard fans that hate Elvis' work being tampered with, even with his World-Wide 2002 smash hit "A Little Less Conversation" but something no one can argue with… Elvis is back on top!
Other tracks presented here on CD are various hard to find obscure recordings not easily obtained by a large majority of fans.
Included here original and new overbubs, great mixes, a couple of live tracks and a couple of our favourite alternate takes.

Specially added to this CD a track from a man to whom Elvis was forever giving praise in his live shows, and apart from a few little snippets in the movie "Elvis On Tour" you don't really get a chance to appreciate what Elvis enjoyed in this man's voice. Of course were talking about Ed Enoch.

While on the subject of JD & The Stamps, many fans ask where can the find the track "Elvis Has Left The Building" well, look no further.

NB: A few tracks are repeated from the original release "Elvis Meets Presley" but as time passes technology improves and the sounds get better and for that reason you see a few repeats.

This release is dedicated to the memory of JD Sumner & Elvis A Presley