A Capital Performance
The Madison Label &
Lovely Music Production

It seems to be the Elvis import world has gone crazy with duplicates of late.

Here we go again! Another soundboard and two releases, but to make it more confusing to the fans is they have the same title just different labels and artwork.
But the question on everyone's lips is one just a fake or is it for real, we have known for long enough about the "Madison" release but it was on, it was off now it's back hot on the heals of this new label.
The Madison label have always come up with the goods in the past, also announcing the quality of this show is as good if not better than the Memphis show from June 10th.
Like most shows that have been duplicated when they come out they are 99.9% the same in sound quality

This seems to be a right slap in the face to the "Madison" label at least with other CD releases if they intend releasing the same contents, they at least change the title of the CD as well, but to steel the title is a little below the belt.
So is this a dig at the "Madison Label" just to get the show released or is it for real hopefully it won't be too long before we find out one way or the other….

CD Reviews BMG & Import Releases

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Elvis The Nashville Marathon
FTD productions
Running time 68:09

This release from the FTD label could easily be mistaken for the follow up to ""There's A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" the infamous import CD that upset BMG a few years ago.
This release is sure to be rated very high among fans, the alternate takes are rougher than the versions used on "Today Tomorrow & Forever box set" which gives the CD a more intimate look into Elvis' recording sessions of June 1970. Just listen to "The Sound Of Your Cry", eight takes from the master version, and you can hear Elvis needs to work a little bit more on the song. Still a joy to hear this rough version, Elvis obviously enjoying himself with the latter part of the song I think the running time of 5:13 gives that away. Other highlights include, "Take 1 of Bridge Over Troubled Water" "Take 1 of Love Letters" at first I thought there was a little distortion on the disc but after playing the beginning again it was just the electric organ. Not mentioned on the sleeve notes "Mary In The Morning" has a false start. Biggest surprise though had to be Take 1 of "A Hundred Years From Now" this is an unreleased version? And to my surprise the left in "There Goes My F*@king Career part. Which would easily put this in the Top 10 Import CD's BMG must be lightening up in there old age. 
On the whole this CD is 9.99 out of 10.
With the next release being the Reel to Reel of the 13th December 1975 things are improving on this label, and with the quality of past releases it seems almost impossible to improve.
"When It's My Time" Elvis In Concert - April 28th 1975
Puzzle Label
64:41 minutes

Unfortunately the sound engineers didn't record the whole show, so they have edited together a selection of tracks from two other Performances from the same tour to make this a complete concert, and give the best feel to the show.

The unreleased Soundboard from Lakeland was released not too long ago on the Double CD "We'll Make You Happy"but here you get it on just one CD instead of having to pay for two disc's.

Here is a rundown on where everything came from

Track 1. 2001 Theme
Track 2. C, C Rider
Track 3. I Got A Woman/Amen
From Murfreesboro, TN May 6th 1975

Track 4. Dialogue
Track 5. Love Me
Track 6. If You Love Me Let Me Know
Track 7. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Track 8. Big Boss Man
Track 9. It's Midnight
Track 10. Fairytale
Track 11. Burning Love
From Macon, GA April 24th 1975

Track 12. When It's My Time (J.D & The Stamps)
Track 13. Burning Love
Track 14. Introductions
Track 15. Band Solos
Track 16. Hail, Hail Rock'n'Roll
Track 17. My Boy
Track 18. Help Me Make It Trough The Night
Track 19. Let Me Be There + reprise
Track 20. An American Trilogy
Track 21. Dialogue
Track 22. Hawaiian Wedding Song
Track 23. Hound Dog
Track 24 Can't Help Falling In Love
Track 25. Exit Theme & Announcements