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It's like Elvis is back, singing songs from today!"
CD 1 45:20 - CD 2 47:09

Here are 25 tracks from recent times that Elvis may or may not have recorded, including a couple of tracks Elvis did record including "I Can Help & Yesterday".
I think the best way to start this review is by the postings I saw on the internet about "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and how could Elvis have recorded this song? After some people said they have heard Elvis singing it.
Well how anyone could think such a thing upon listening to it is a mystery for a start. As not only was this written and recorded after Elvis passed away but was Queens tribute song to Elvis, so in theory it is impossible for Elvis even to record it even if he was still alive today, as it would not have been written.

But back to the CD well I do not dislike imitators although many are so bad you want to shoot them. Orion was fairly good in his day and caused a stir with a few of his recordings, many were fooled, just in the same way Dough Church is now doing but he is probably slightly better at it than Orion was.
But to my ears, no he's not close enough, don't get me wrong he is good, but still to my ears this is not Elvis. I think some of the tracks are well done and are pleasant listening after all they are done in the style of Elvis, some may get the feeling that would have been great if Elvis had recorded that one or this one.
Dough like Orion can fool some fans into thinking that is Elvis Presley singing but to Elvis enthusiast and collectors he is going to have to do a lot better.

All in all this release is pleasant listening and this CD set will have a good following as many fans like this kind of material, and is an improvement on Orion, and there are many Orion fans at a loose end now.

The CD cover and presentation is ok but only ok, the two CD's come in a double cardboard slipcase, which isn't gonna last. It will soon become tattered and worn.
The liner notes in the CD are by Cricket-Marie Coulter (AKA the girl on the bed with the cat in the original "That's The Way It Is"). She remembers the first time she saw Dough in 1998 with her at the time Sonny West, both these close friends to Elvis. These two were taken aback by his stage presence and voice, so if they are impressed he must be good, but I have not seen him live on stage (and I haven't seen live on stage) and both these people have many times. I have only heard his voice on CD and I can only give you what I get from the recordings.
But I'd down to you if you like this kind of thing you won't be disappointed…