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Jat Publishing (Joseph A. Tunzi)
With CD
Elvis sings Beatles Songs
BMG Special Product 17:07
Unusual for me to review the Beatles but as Elvis has knocked them off joint first to second posision for the most No. 1's, why not.
Mr. Tunzi has a passion for the Beatles as well as Elvis, as do many Elvis fans, but this is Joe's first venture into the photo books for Beatle fans, with the great reviews he gets for his Elvis books this too should go down well.

Even none Beatle fans will like it, if you're an Elvis fan that is as it comes with a 5 track CD featuring Elvis' versions of some classic Beatles tracks.
Plus the at the back of the book five pages dedicated to the Elvis/Beatles meeting on August 27th 1965 which includes a transcript of a radio interview the next day. (Which is available on the CD "Let's Take It On Home Again").
The few pages on the meeting are based as much as possible fact, but as most know it over time fact becomes fiction. Here we get a few insights into that night in August.
This is followed by a few colour pictures of the Beatles at Elvis home in
COLOUR too and I must say I was surprised by the quality of the shot compared to the B/W versions
The rest of the book is about the Beatles summer tour of the USA, Elvis gets a mention here and there but nothing worth going into.
So is the book a worthy buy for the average Elvis fan, I'd say yes why not Even if your not a Beatles fan it's always nice to heave a record of the Competition! 
Even if you don't like them they still are a phenomenon.