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Love Me Tender…: 1956..A Family torn apart by the Civil War is further lacerated when two brothers pursue the love of the same woman. Elvis film debut.
Love Me Tender…: 1956. As above but this version has the first few minutes missing but to make up for that the movie has been Colourised just like "Jailhouse Rock"
Loving You…: 1957..A female press agent helps a small-town boy break into show business. Which is easy to do when he's Elvis.
Jailhouse Rock…:..1957..The King is in top form in this musical about a con who learns to play the guitar and becomes a rock singer.
Jailhouse Rock…:..1957.. As above but in colour.
King Creole…:..1958..Elvis plays a busboy who makes a hit when he's ordered to sing in a gangsters night-club. Elvis' favourite movie.
G I Blues…:..1960.. Elvis is a singing American GI in swinging Germany. Who falls in love with a beautiful dancer, whilst having a bet with his fellow GI's.
Flaming Star…:..1960.. Elvis stars as a half-breed Native American forced to choose between the settlers and the Native Americans. Considered to be Elvis' finest film work.
Wild In The Country…:..1961..In a surprising turn of events, this movie finds Elvis in a dramatic role from, of all things, a Clifford Odets script. Playing a hot-tempered backwoods man who wants a writing career but whose life is as complicated as a python trying to swallow it's own tail, the entire cast together with Elvis, turn in good performances in this clinched look at Americana.
Blue Hawaii…:.1961.. Elvis plays a GI returning to Hawaii after his time in the service, and defies his family by leaving there pineapple plantation for a job as a tour guide.
Follow That Dream…:..1961.. Elvis stars as a musical hillbilly whose family tries to homestead on government land in Florida.
Kid Galahad…:..1962..Musical remake of the 1937 film, with Elvis as a champion boxer who would rather be a mechanic. Than a Boxer.
Girls! Girls! Girls!…:..1962..Elvis tries to take his pick from the crowd of females that flock to see him. Songs include "Return To Sender", "I Don't want Be Tied" & "The Song Of The Shrimp". Elvis is a Hawaiian Fisherman trying to raise money to buy back his fathers boat.
It Happened At The Worlds Fair…:1962..Elvis and his pal dig the swinging sights at the Seattle Worlds Fair
Fun In Acapulco…:..1963..Elvis stars as a struggling performer making his living as a life guard, also stars Ursula Andress.
Viva Las Vegas…:..1963..Elvis plays a racing car driver who finds time to sing and pull a swimming instructor Ann-Margret out of the water and into his arms.
Kissin' Cousins…:..1963..Elvis is an air Force Officer assigned to convince the hillbillies on a mountain to lease their land to the military…And.. a blonde hillbilly double.
Roustabout…:1964..Elvis plays a reckless singer who joins Stanwyck's carnival. His plans to romance the boss's daughter force him into doing real work.
Girl Happy…:..1964..elvis is supposed to chaperon the daughter of a mobster while in Florida on her holiday, but the two fall in love.
Tickle Me..:1965..Elvis plays a rodeo star who starts working at a woman's health spa and dude ranch.
Harum Holiday…:1965..When Elvis visits a small Arabic country, he is forced to aid assassins in eliminating the King. When he falls in love with the King's daughter, he has to find a way to stop the killers
Frankie And Johnny…:1965..Elvis stars as an ill-fated gambler until a woman helps him out. His girl friend becomes enraged with the new found friendship.
Paradise Hawaiian Style…:1965..Elvis and a friend open a helicopter charter service in Hawaii and they spend their time on the ground in the company of a plethora of bikini-clad ladies.
Harum Holiday…: 1965.. Elvis portrays a recording star surrounded by beautiful harem maidens in this action-filled, laugh loaded, tongue-in-cheek romp
Spinout…:1966..Elvis is back on the race track, this time with three women chasing him
Double Trouble…:..1966.. Elvis is performing in Europe and falls for a British heiress who is being pursued by gangsters and the police.
Easy Come, Easy Go…:1966.. Elvis plays a Navy frogman who discovers a sunken treasure. Unfortunately, it's only worthless copper coins.
Clambake…:..1967..Elvis plays the son of a millionaire who wants to lead a normal life, so he trades places with a water-skiing instructor.
Speedway…:1967.. Elvis is a stock car racer who's pursed by the IRS investigator Nancy Sinatra.
Stay Away Joe…:1967..Elvis is a half-breed rodeo star who returns to the reservation, falls in love and finds plenty of trouble.
Live A Little, Love A Little…:1968.. Elvis juggles two photography jobs and sings a lot while he runs back and forth between then.
The Trouble With Girls…:1968..Elvis is the manager of a travelling medicine show in the 1920's, who solves a murder, and sings a couple of songs along the way.
Charro!…:1969..Elvis plays a reformed outlaw who must shake his old gang to prove that he has changed, but the bunch is not so easy gotten rid of.
Change Of Habit…:1969..Three Nuns work as nurses in an inner city clinic where the doctor is Elvis(This is Elvis' Final Acting Role).
That's The Way It Is…:1970..Elvis back where he belongs on stage for his 1970 Summer festival in Las Vegas, includes some footage from behind the scenes.
That's The Way It Is- Special Edition PROMO: 2001..Elvis back where he belongs on stage for his 1970 summer festival in Las Vegas Totally re-vamped includes the now deleted "Are You Lonesome Tonight" not available anywhere else.
That's The Way It Is- Special Edition: 2001..Elvis back where he belongs on stage for his 1970 summer festival in Las Vegas Totally re-vamped includes 4 Bonus songs not included on the Video, All shot from different camera angles plus "Bridge Over Troubled Water" has a little Extra film the other tree tracks are "Sweet Caroline, I've Lost You & I Just Can't Help Believing" also included the TV Trailer & The Making of the new version  + "Oh Happy Day & live version of Little Sister" both tapes off the Internet not available anywhere else.
Elvis On Tour…:1972..This Golden Globe Winner for best Documentary of 1972. Traces Elvis April tour of the USA. A behind the scenes look at the King of Rock'n'Roll, includes performances and a glimpse at his private life.
This Is Elvis…:1981.. Documentary footage mixed with interviews and dramatisations for this biography of Elvis Presley. This Warner Home Movie. Described as the definitive documentary of the King of Rock'n'Roll
This Is Elvis - The Directors Cut…: As above but the TV Version has a few different pieces of footage + Some bad language from Elvis in 1972.


1st Ever Elvis August 7th 1955
30 minutes. On August 7th 1955, Lois and Jim Robertson decided to spend a leisure Sunday afternoon at Magnolia Gardens, a residential area on the San Jacinto River, located just east of Houston in the small town of Sheldon, Texas. Magnolia Gardens often featured well known performers and on this Sunday afternoon the list of performers included a young unknown artist named ELVIS PRESLEY. With a crowd of only 20-25 people. So here is The First Known Filmed Performance Of Elvis Presley. On this video hear why the film was taken, and why it was locked away for 40 years. Plus see the footage.

The Sun Years Vol. 1 & 2
60 min. Fan Club Video's With In-depth Interviews With Sam Phillips & Marion Keisker, Elvis' Early Band & The People At Sun, Telling The Story Of How It All Came To Be. An interesting Video which recreates the atmosphere of the period. 60 min. follow up to vol. 1 D.J Fontana recalls his stories of the Louisiana Hayride, Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires also remembers the first meeting with Elvis. Chet Atkins tells of his early involvement in Elvis' career and how Elvis moved from Sun Records to RCA Victor.

Elvis Presley - Classic Albums
Probably one of the best DVD releases in a while for fans of the 50's. Ernst Jorgensen, Scotty Moore, D.J Fontana talk about the Sun recordings through to the first couple of RCA recordings, a great insight includes some rare footage, and in-between takes of some classic Elvis. Others include there comments are Dixie Lock (early girlfriend), Red West, B.B King, Keith Richards, biographer Peter Guralnick. This film is filled with performances from 1955 & 1956, interviews with Elvis, home movie footage, a fresh insight to his life and recordings.

Elvis All 6 "Stage Show" Performances & The Lost Show
60 Min. All The Songs Sung By Elvis On The CBS TV "Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey-Hosted Stage Show From January 28th 1956 - March 24th 1956. 60 min The Complete NBC TV "Milton Berle Show From April 3rd 1956 Recorded On The Carrier U.S.S Hancock, San Diego, California.

Shock Rattle & Roll
120 min. This Tape Contains All Songs Sung By Elvis On TV In The 50's & The Comedy Sketches, Plus The Presentation By Charles Laughton Of The Gold Record.

Elvis' 56 In The Beginning
60min. Probably The Best Video Out Telling The Story Of Elvis' First Big Year In The World Of Entertainment. Lots Of Rare Photos And Early TV Appearances.

Elvis The Early Days
50min Video Of Elvis' 56-57 TV Appearances

Elvis The Early Years
75mins.Looking At The Live Of Elvis Presley, With News Reel Footage, Movie Trailers, Interviews & TV Appearances.

Young Elvis
75 min. Produced in 1989, this cannot be described as the best film detailing Elvis' early career. Much better material has been subsequently been released.

Rock'n'Roll The Early Days
60min Video Tracing The Roots Of Rock'n'Roll Includes Some Elvis Footage.

The Lost Elvis Home Movies
From the home of Eddie Fadal, a 35-minute documentary style programme hosted by Eddie's daughter who also features in the home movies. Janice Fadal narrates here memories of the times Elvis spent at there home in Waco, Texas from 1956 through till 1961 all film here is from Eddie's own collection, most of this footage has been around for years. But here for the first time you get to see this footage in perfect quality. Janice and her brother on the odd occasion talk about how Eddie first met Elvis in 1956 at a concert in Texas, and how Elvis started to visit. Thankfully Eddie was a fan with a good head on his shoulders and filmed a lot of the visits. This Video runs for 20 minutes, this is followed by approximately 15 minutes of supposedly the complete set of films from 1956 - 1961 uncut just with Janice occasionally telling you about the piece of film. The highlight being the Tupelo footage from February 1961 where you see Elvis and the guys trying to put a sign up that had blown over, this film has been around for many years but here for the first time in TV quality.

Elvis In Hollywood
65 min. Produced in 1993. An inside look at Elvis' movie career of the 50's featuring performances from Love Me Tender, Loving You, Jailhouse Rock & King Creole. It also features Never before seen footage of Jailhouse Rock, Home movies & Photographs.

Summer Of Innocence
180 min. Extended film of Elvis on holiday from the mid fifties, as used in "Elvis In Hollywood" but there is a lot more on this tape. Tape ends with Footage from the late 70's. Great Close Ups and matching Sound.

Most Famous Hits - his early performances
This 86 minute DVD contains almost all the footage from the 50's. You will see his performances with Steve Allen, Milton Berle and Ed Sullivan. There are 3 stories about his German and Hollywood years and you will hear and see some info about his last years. All the footage on this DVD has been released before.

Private Elvis
75 min. This 1993 Video release is based on the book Private Elvis published by Boxtree. It contains previously unseen footage of Elvis as a Soldier both on and off duty, and interviews with his old army buddies with plenty of anecdotes. The music on the Video is by Johnny Earle and the Jordanaires. Also included Footage Of Elvis At Eddie Fadal's Home In July Of 1958.

The Rock'n'Roll Rookie
60 min. The Army Years With Some Unseen Footage Of Elvis Joining The Army, And In The Army Plus Some Home Movies & The Complete Hy Gardner Interview From 1956.

Elvis - Induction To Demob
60min Video Looking At Elvis' Life From The Moment He Joined The Army Up To The Time He Left. Also Included The Complete Hy Gardner Calling Interview.

The Frank Sinatra Timex Special - Welcome Home Elvis
60 min. TV Special The Complete ABC TV Show From The Fountanbleau Hotel, Miami. Florida March 26th 1960. From Video "The Frank Sinatra Show Volume 1" -"Essential Sinatra"

The E! True Hollywood Story
A Profile Of Elvis Presley, an in-depth look into the Hollywood years of Elvis, as relived through his Memphis Mafia, co-stars, Producers etc.. Very interesting documentary.
Includes TNT Movie Talk with David Stanley, Remembering Elvis 10 minutes

Elvis The Unofficial Biography
75 min A close look at Elvis' life from birth to death and beyond. Interviews include:- Bill E. Burke, J.D Sumner, James Blackwood, Joe Esposito, Joan Deary and Jerry Schilling plus many others, includes rare photos candid movie footage news reels, plus some amazing footage of Elvis on stage in the Early 70's and Rochester New York 1977 and film from his last show in Indianapolis on June 26th 1977.

A & E Biography - Elvis Story Of A Legend
60 minute video as above but in it's original format, from the USA. With exclusive home movie footage, you'll see the private motivations that lay behind his public career, and raw off stage magnetism that made everyone want a part of him. With interviews with the "Memphis Mafia"

The Complete Movie Trailers & Elvis - A Video
70 min. All Elvis' Trailers To All His Movies From Love Me Tender To Elvis On Tour . Also Included Trailer For This Is Elvis. Followed by Elvis a Video(Trailers & TV Commercials) Including the Trailer for "California Holiday" as opposed to "Spinout". "Wild In The Country" With the Lonely Man Clip Cut From The Movie & Not On The American Version. All the trailers on this are different to "The Complete Movie Trailers"

Joe Esposito My Home Movies Of Elvis
45min. .Joe Worked With Elvis For 17 Years & Over The Years He Shoot Some Home Movies Mostly Through The 60's

The New Gladiators, June 4th 1974 Karate Film
The New Gladiators project was to be one of Elvis' own Movie projects about his favourite sport "Karate" this was to be a documentary style film with Elvis starring and narrating it to, but unfortunately it was never completed, and only a couple of reels of film are known to exist. But here is the footage that is available just over 20 minutes of Elvis in his Karate suit giving demonstrations along with his body guards and others, not to be missed. This was filmed at a karate convention illegally in the latter part of 1999. By a member of the audience on his own video equipment, the quality isn't perfect by any means, but saying that it's still more than watch-able, and all fans should have it. Tape filled to the hour with other rare candid film

Have You Heard The News. August 1977
60 minute Fan Club Video, This One Contains News Footage Around The Time Of His Death. Also Some Out-Takes From BBC TV Documentary Presley.

Elvis Memories With Marge Thrasher - Channel 13 WHBQ Memphis TV - Vol. One
August 1979 20-day tribute program with interviews with Elvis' Family and friends and much more.
Starts with Janelle McComb, preview of Elvis statue, a visit to Sun Studio's, Uncle Vester, Lamar Fike, Lou Wright (Elvis' Physic), Richard Davis, Carl Perkins (sings Blue Suede Shoes), Elvis' 1960 Memphis press conference, includes rare footage in Memphis. Max Davis writer of "Memories, In The Ghetto etc, George Klein, Marty and Patsy Lacker, Joe and Billy Smith Elvis' cousin. Running time 2 hours..

Elvis Memories With Marge Thrasher - Channel 13 WHBQ Memphis TV - Vol. Two
Starts with Charlie Hodge, Red and Sonny West (recorded in 1978), Elvis Fans at Graceland, Terry Mike Jeffery, Fredrick Graham a glass sculpture, Harry Levitch Memphis jeweller, Barbara Klein, The owner of Broadway Pizza in Memphis. Hardie Phipps who supplied Elvis with his Christmas decorations for Graceland. More on the Statue in Memphis. Mary Jenkins Elvis maid and cook, Nancy Brooks Elvis' cook and cleaner. Judge at Elvis last will and testament signing, Dr. George Nichopoulos. Billy Smith Otis Blackwell, Robert Palmer a music writer, The Jordanaires. Rev C. D Bradley minister at Elvis' funeral includes film of the funeral car leaving funeral home heading for Graceland, film of the Funeral procession and the giving of the Flowers to fans after the funeral. Closing comments from Lamar Fike, Billy Smith, Some fans, sculptor of the new statue on display in Memphis, Jim Darty producer of "Elvis Memories" running time 2 hours 45 minutes

Elvis Memories
50 min. A 1991 Video release produced by George Klein. It features friends, family and fellow musicians like Jerry Lee Lewis and Chet Atkins. Also included Rare film of Elvis on Stage 7 Press Conferences.

Elvis Presley's Graceland First & Second Edition
60 min. First released in 1985. Has Priscilla giving a guided tour of Elvis' home. It was unfortunate that Graceland had been almost completely redecorated, but still interesting. The video contains Early footage of Elvis. 60 min. This is not the same as above although it is an Elvis Presley Enterprise Production, they just couldn't think of a better title. What you have here is along the same lines as the 1985 Version, but this time no Priscilla, you just get a monologue over the footage, also the footage is brought up-to date with a look at the latest awards, also included is some new home movie footage, also Elvis 3 TV Specials are represented by a song from each one

Elvis Lives & He Touched Their Lives
60 min." 1980 BBC Documentary Looking At The World Of Elvis Impersonators & Interviews With The Fans. 60 min. ITV Documentary Also From 1980 Hosted By David Frost Following The U.K Fan Club Fly Off To Graceland & See The Elvis Sites.

Viva Elvis
60 min. Hosted By Jonathan Ross With A Look At Some Of The American Fans & Impersonators. Some Really Weird Ones.

Elvis A Portrait By His Friends
90min Video in 4 Chapters Tracing The Life Of Elvis Told By Family, Friends & Fans. Includes Interviews with Hal Wallis, Ursula Andress & Tom Jones.

The Echo Will Never Die
60 min. Video Edited Version Of "A Portrait By His Friends" hosted by Casey Kasem includes interviews with Tom Jones, B.B. King, Sammy Davis Jr., Ursula Andress and critic David March

The Elvis I Knew
60 min. By Charlie Hodge. Charlie Shares Some Of His Fond Memories Of His Life With Elvis. Includes Rare Footage Of Elvis On Stage In The 70's.

That's The Way It Was
120 min. Long Interviews First An Interview With Cliff Gleaves, He Talks About His Life With Elvis Up To His Death, Then An Interview With Elvis' Friend J.D Sumner, In Which He Gives Some Very Interesting & Factual Information.

Geraldo " Elvis Wanted Dead Or Alive"
50min. Gail Giorgio Is Exposed On The Geraldo Show, Includes Joe Esposito & Dee "The Fruit Cake Presley". Very Interesting Contents.

All The Kings Men German Concert. Vol. 1
120 min. German Fan Club "Lets Be Friends" Hold A Tribute Concert To Elvis With George Klein, John Wilkinson, Shaun Nielson, Kathy Westmoreland, J.D & The Stamps, The Jordanaires, And Much More.

All The Kings Men German Concert. Vol. 2
120 min continuation of the "Lets Be Friends" concert tribute.

Dr. Nick & The Colonel
90 min. 28th May 1983 Dr. Nick Is Interviewed In Depth About His Life With Elvis And His Court Case. Some Very Rare Footage Of Elvis In Concert. Also 3 CNN Reports From August 16th 1987. Followed By An ABC 1987 Tribute On The Nightline Series In Which The Colonel Gives A Rare Interview.

Rare Moments With The King
60 minute video containing rare footage from Elvis' career. This jam packed documentary is packed with Elvis TV appearances, News Reel footage from the 50's - 70's. including Elvis' Marriage, Houston & Madison Square Garden Press Conferences.

Elvis Presley's America.
60 min. Fan Club Video Looking At Elvis' Homes In Memphis, Los Angeles And Elvis First Home In Tupelo, Also A Look Around Hollywood. Following the UK fans on there tour, meeting Ricky Nelson(18 Months before his Death), Joan Deary, Tom Parker & Jannele McCoombe.

The Continuing Search For Elvis
106 min. Documentary looking at the site's relating to Elvis, following on from "Elvis Presley's America". Mainly filmed in August 1996, with archive footage of sites now demolished, From Tupelo to Priceville Cemetery where Elvis Twin brother is rumoured to be. Elvis' 5th grade classroom. To Memphis including "The Eagles Nest Club", " The Arcade Diner", where he ate in the early days. Dr Nicks Surgery Plus Much more complete with full explanatory commentary to guide you through the Elvis History.

The Great Performances Vol. 1,2,3
The Great Performances Vol. 1...: 52 min. 1990 Video Vol. 1 Centre Stage.. Introduced by George Klein, the video kicks off with some early b/w photos. Then it's into Elvis singing Money Honey. There follows some rare colour footage taken at a High School gig. Traces on through his life up to one of his final performances "Unchained Melody". The Great Performances Vol. 2… ; 52 min. This one starts with "American Trilogy" From Aloha From Hawaii. Interspersed with photographs and home movies and the continues with "My happiness" Elvis' first ever recording for his mother. Followed by more TV appearances and Press Conferences, ending with "If I Can Dream". The Great Performances Vol. 3 - From The Waist Up…: 52 min. This USA only release has film of Elvis from 1956 his first big year in the business, narrated by Bono of the rock group U2. He tells of how Colonel Tom Parker used the medium of Television to catapult Elvis to super stardom this 50 minute program includes a lot of unseen footage, most of which being of Ed Sullivan and his introductions of Elvis. Also included is more footage of the Louisville police film from 1956. In excellent quality.

USA Version Of "Elvis The Great Performances"
180 min CBS TV aired this two hour film on April 24th 1992.This Is The Version shown January 8th 1997. Hosted by Priscilla Presley has both UK versions Edited together to make one programme, also contains some unseen candid footage not on UK version plus some film of inside & outside of Graceland. Also at the beginning of the tape for Videos from VH-1 Satellite TV "Heartbreak Hotel" "Blue Suede Shoes" "Don't Be Cruel" "Twelfth Of Never" + The Kit-Kat Ad with the Elvis Sightings. Also at the end of the Great Performances the BT Ad features "Always On My Mind". Followed By VH-1 Programme "Around & Around" featuring Elvis Related Songs + 3 By Elvis at the end. Tape Ends with Freddie Starr's Appearance on Dec O'Conner 8th January 1997 + Some Live Footage Of Freddie Doing an Elvis Impersonation.

The Great Performances Hosted by Priscilla Presley
110 min. September 1997 Video Release. During his lifetime Elvis Presley touched everybody in some way. His image, his lifestyle, his records, his films and his performances made an impression on all of us. Elvis - 'The Great Performance'. Shows exactly why Elvis affected generations. It follows the life and career of a young man who started out as a truck driver and went on to change the face of popular music with performances on stage, on film and on television that captured millions of fans around the world. Priscilla Presley's moving and candid narration features interviews, newsreel footage of Elvis at home, in uniform and on tour plus home movies of him with family and friends and also introduces more than 25 of Elvis Presley's most memorable and, unforgettable performances. No single performer has had such an impact on music and our culture and this video makes Elvis accessible to a wider audience of delighted admirers. (NB This is the same as the "USA Version of 'The Great Performances' Video" Without the adverts)

Heartbreak Hotel
30min. Documentary about the Writers of the Song & how they came up with the Idea for the Title. & How Elvis Came To Record It.

Entertainment Tonight
30 min. Hosted By Jonathan King Looking Around Memphis, Includes A Look Around Graceland & Elvis' Plane The Lisa Marie. Plus

Elvis On MTV
22min. A VH1 Production For Satellite TV Includes Interviews With Leiber & Stoller, Elton John .

Memories Of The King
60 min. Priscilla Interview With Barbara Walters 1985 + Rare This Is Elvis Trailer, Plus Interviews With Ann-Margaret, Ginger Alden.

Elvis' Memphis - The Mafia
60 min. Includes The David Frost Out-takes, A Look around Memphis, David Frost discussing the tour on US TV and ED Parker at a London Convention. Includes Rare footage taken inside Graceland Plus Interviews with Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Bill Burke, George Klein, Elvis' secretary Becky Yancey, Dee Presley & Ginger Alden(Who is remarkably revealing about the Memphis Mafia). Ending with a moving interview with Linda Thompson. Running for 1 hour Narrated By Todd Slaughter. As a bonus on this tape An Official US Promotion Video Highlighting 11 of Elvis' Films. It is not a trailer Video, But a slicky produced showcase for an American Film Company. Ending with a short Satellite programme, where Elvis' female Co-stars Talk About their experiences with him..

Memories Of 77
60 min. Video Containing Home Movie Footage Rare Pictures Of Elvis & Graceland, The Live Footage Is From Uniondale, New York July 1975 Very Clear & Close Up.

Presley Part's 1 & 2
120 min. BBC Tribute Documentary From 1987 Tracing Elvis' Life, Narrated By Suzi Quatro.

Elvis, The Undisputed King Of Rock'n'Roll
49 min. This 1990 Video chronicles the Kings Entire career. The Video contains newsreel footage, classic film clips and photographs of Elvis' early television performances

The Elvis Presley Story
50 min Looking At The Life Of Elvis Presley, With News Reel Footage, Movie Trailers & TV Appearances..

The Burger And The King
90 min. Special By ARENA Looking At The Eating Habits Of Elvis Presley. Also A Look Around Nashville And An Interview With Chet Atkins In Studio "B". Plus Video's For The Songs "Don't e Cruel & "The Twelfth Of Never".

20 min. Presents Footage Of Elvis' Granddaughter Also Interviews With George Klein, Joe Esposito & Dr. Nick, They Tell Of The Last Hours Of Elvis' Life.

The Elvis Files & The E Files 2
The Elvis Files...: 120 min. U.S TV Programme About The Fact That Elvis May Be Alive, Hosted By Bill Bixby. The E Files 2…: 60 min. Follow up to the first US TV Show, Shows the truth to some of the photos etc…

The Elvis Stamp
120 min News Reports On & Around 8th January 1993 All About The Elvis Stamp Includes For The First Time An Appearance By Lisa Marie At Graceland. Also The Story Of "The Letter" By Wayne Newton Who Bought A Note Written By Elvis December 12th-13th 1976 In Las Vegas And Then Had A Song Written Around It.

Karaoke Songs - Elvis Hits
60min. The Most Requested Elvis Songs, On Video By Pioneer Includes "All Shook Up", "It's Now Or Never", "The Wonder Of You" Plus 19 Others..

CNN About Elvis.
75 min. Larry King Live. With David Stanley. 3 CNN News Reel Films From 1987,

The Human Factor
25 min. About Elvis Fans And Impersonators.

The Jordanaires on The Jonathan Ross Show
The Jordanaires on The Jonathan Ross Show… ; 60 min. Plus - Pebble Mill At 1, With Tony Prince. He Talks About His Meeting With Elvis In 1972 And A Taped Interview He Did For Radio Luxembourg When The U.K Fans Were In Las Vegas. Plus Many Other Clips And News Reports. Breakfast TV With Todd Slaughter & Carl Perkins Clip Of Todd With Elvis In 77. Clips Of Cliff Richard Talking & Singing Elvis Songs.

Scotty Moore And D.J. Fontana Live In Concert - October 28th 1993
This 90 minute Video contains a live show recorded at Hemsby, England on October 28th 1993 for the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club. Contents: - Introduction; Mystery Train; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; Good Rockin' Tonight; Trying To Get To You; Heartbreak Hotel; My Baby Left Me; Lawdy Miss Clawdy; A Fool Such As I; Got A Lotta Livin' To Do; One Night; Money Honey; I Was The One; Tutti Frutti; Don't Be Cruel; Hound Dog; I Got A Woman; King Creole; Devil In Disguise; Baby Let's Play House; Blue Suede Shoes; Rip It Up.. Vocals by Jenson Bloomer. Plus a 17:40 minute interview with D.J Fontana and a 13:16 minute interview with Scotty Moore.

Songs & Visions
180 min. Coverage from Wembley Stadium To mark the 20th Anniversary of Elvis' Death, includes hits from 1954-1997, With K. D Lang, Rod Stuart, Jon Bon Jovi & Seal etc.…

Crook & Chase Elvis Special
90 minute, 1996 Tribute program from Nashville, with the Jordanaires, Charlie Hodge, Ronnie McDowell, Eddie Miles & Millie Kirkham. Remembering Elvis and the music

Long Live The King - Country Salutes Elvis
60 minute VH-1 program featuring a Tribute Special first broadcast in the UK on the 16th August 1998. featuring an Army interview with Elvis from 1959, and some performances of Elvis biggest hits by Country Artists.

20th Anniversary Tape One
180 min. CMT TV The Kings Covers, Various Country Artists Talk and perform Elvis Songs, includes interviews, with one of the Lansky Brothers, and the man who designed the "Gold Suit" from 1957. .. VH1 - Around & Around, Video footage of Elvis in 56. Plus various Elvis Covers & Related songs… VHI - 1,2,3 Three tracks from Elvis including "The Twelfth Of Never"….. ITV "Stars In Their Eyes" - Elvis Special..

20th Anniversary Tape Two
180 min. CNN/Sky News & GMTV - News Reports from Memphis….CNN - Questions & Answers, Interviews with Todd Morgan of the Graceland Estate, Frank Coffey author of the "Complete Idiots Guide To Elvis Presley & An Elvis Impersonator.. CNN - Showbiz "Memphis Special includes a look around the new Elvis Night Club, An Interview with Scotty Moore, and a look at the CD-ROM Virtual Graceland. BBC 2 "Elvis A Beginners Guide" a 10 minute look at Elvis Life…. BBC 2 Top Of The Pops 2 50 minutes of Elvis and Elvis related pop Videos from Vintage Top Of The pops…

Everyman Special 20th Anniversary
60 min. Documentary about the cult of Elvis Presley, Who died August 16th 1777. In this programme, academics and theologians compare the Presley myth with the creation of a new religion, includes interviews with Larry Geller, George Klein & Cliff Richard, also included a never before released telephone conversation to Larry Geller.

Elvis 20 Years After The USA 1997 Trip
110 min. This has the UK fans trip to Tupelo & Memphis, includes the Unavailing of the New Statute, the new World Wide record Sales trophy's. A rare look around Graceland, including Vernon & Gladys' bedroom which was opened especially for the Anniversary. This video includes a few excerpts from the Elvis In Concert 97 at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis you see Priscilla giving a speech also Lisa Marie Just after the Duet, as a final bonus, you see around Elvis home in Lauderdale Courts, this is the first time film has been shoot inside this flat. A rare piece of history.

Elvis In Concert '97 + Memphis 1997
180 min. The August 16th 1997 Elvis In Concert at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, this includes the Duet with Elvis & Lisa Marie "Don't Cry Daddy". This tape also includes Part of the "Good Rockin' Tonight" Concert + a look around some of the Elvis sights in and around Memphis & Tupelo total running time just over 3 hours. Picture quality not very good but still very good as you get to see the duet.

Elvis '97 Saturday 16th August 1997
110 min. Similar to the above but this is of first rate picture quality, but only the concert recorded at the Mid-South Coliseum. Is used, and this tape has been professionally put together using still photographs of Lisa, Elvis & Priscilla from different stages of their lives, also incorporated in the footage clips from the lost performances and the Aloha from Hawaii have been added to give the tape that official look. And of course also includes the duet. "Don't Cry Daddy"

Elvis The King Of Entertainment a Twentieth Anniversary Edition
110 minute video, from the Good Times label in the USA. This is a video documentary, tracing Elvis' life. Also in this video there are many extra unseen clips of Elvis mostly from the 50's and early 60's. it's just amazing to see some colour footage of the Mississippi Alabama State Fair from September 1956. This video is a must to any collection..

VH-1 From Memphis January 5th-11th 1998 Tape 1
180 min. Walking In Memphis, a look around the famous Sun Studios. Walking In Memphis, a look around the Memphis Hall Of Fame. VH-1 to 1 an exclusive interview with Jerry Lee Lewis, where he talks about his relationship with Elvis. Finally VH-1 at Graceland, the VH-1 team look around the mansion and other Elvis items on the estate.

VH-1 From Memphis January 5th - 11th 1998 Tape 2
180 min. Elvis A. Presley The Tribute from the Pyramid in Memphis, many stars sing their favourite Elvis tunes. Plus interviews with George Klein, Sam Philips etc.. Walking In Memphis, Tommy Vance looks around the new night Club Elvis' Memphis. Finally Hepworth's Elvis, David Hepworth traces Elvis' roots, Tape Ends with Ten Of The Best from VH-1

Elvis In Memphis
50 minute VH-1 programme from July 26th 1998, this is an edited version of the above VH-1 in Memphis from January 1998. Telling the story of Elvis and his roots in Memphis, worth watching.

Looking For Colonel Parker
50 minute documentary looking at the life and times of the Colonel, from his early days in Holland, to dog catcher in Tampa, and his management of Eddie Arnold, Hank Snow and eventually Elvis. With interviews with Gordon Stoker, Eddie Arnold, Joan Deary and many others. This is a Dutch TV Documentary and is mostly in English, very interesting viewing

Mr Rock'n'Roll - The Colonel Tom Parker Story
55 minute documentary from Channel 4. Looking into the like and times of one of the greatest Managers in music history. Although on this programme we don't hear anything personally from Mr Tom Parker, as only a few short silent clips are used with some still's there is however plenty on Elvis, this documentary compliments the other programme released earlier on Dutch TV "Looking For Colonel Parker"

The Presley's - Famous Families
90 documentary contains interviews with Elvis' closest friends and family. Contains lots of rare candid film footage including on stage in the 70's interviewed are Donna Presley, Jerry Schilling, James Blackwood, Lamar Fike, James Burton, Sam Phillips and more. Plus contributions from the Late Colonel, Elvis and Priscilla Presley

Meet Red West
Interview video running 1 hour 15 minutes approx. this was recorded live at Mablethorne, England 3rd November 1999. As part of the Elvis Week help by the UK fan club. Hosted by Todd Slaughter the president of the UK fan club. This video was recorded on amateur video. But the quality is very good, a stand was used so there is no camera movement the sound is very clear also.
Red remembers the Early years and some fun times in Vegas, there is also a question and answer section from the audience, where he stands his ground very well, after some barraging about the "Book" he Sonny and Mr. Hebler wrote.

E-Special "The Last Days Of Elvis"
90-minute look into the last years of Elvis' life, this video is very hard hitting, and not for those who consider Elvis, the clean-cut All-American boy. Interviews with many of the Memphis Mafia, Linda Thompson, and clips from a 1979 interview with Ginger Alden, this program has been twisted slightly as you can see from the interviews, and the way they are presented. But for most part there is nothing no said before on other programmes, just here you get it for 90 minutes.

The Final Chapter
1 hour VH1 Documentary - A look at the last years of Elvis' life with interviews from Joe Esposito, Sheila Ryan plus a few of Elvis' leading lady's from the movie years, who give there views on Elvis and the Colonel.

Sighting At Graceland "A Call From The King"
Collectors edition part 1 Running time 20 minutes - Ronster Enterprises, Two fans take a trip to Graceland in December 2000, when they returned home and watched the home recorded video tape that they took of that event, they were amazed to see that the image of Elvis' face appeared on his grave in the mediation garden. Neither of them saw it at the time, but at first thought it may be a hologram produced by the Estate?

He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley Vol 1
The Gaither Management Group and Elvis Presley Enterprises have teamed up this year to produce one of the most special Elvis documentary works ever. It focuses on a richly meaningful facet of Elvis' life and career that has never been properly studied and celebrated by any documentary work until now. He Touched Me: The Gospel Music of Elvis Presley is scored with Elvis' gospel recordings and features most of the Elvis gospel and inspirational performance footage we all know and love. The story of gospel music's role in Elvis' life and career, Elvis' role in the world of gospel music, and the personal and little-known stories that illustrate his spirituality, generosity and the other fine points of his character are told by his friends and bandmates.
Interviewees include: J.D. Sumner and former members of J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet: Bill Baize, Tony Brown, Ed Enoch, Richard Sterban, and Donnie Sumner, Sweet Inspirations member Myrna Smith, Jordanaires members Gordon Stoker and Ray Walker, Imperials members Jake Hess, Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales, Joe Moscheo, and Jim Murray, James Blackwood, Shirley Sumner Enoch, the Rev. Rex Humbard, the Rev. Herbert Brewster and others. 90 minutes

He Touched Me - The Gospel Music Of Elvis Presley Vol. 2

Featuring more than 30 of Elvis' Gospel recordings and never before seen footage, of Elvis at the gates of Graceland in 1969 - 1970. Plus film of the funeral in August 1977. This Volume travels from Elvis' Las Vegas engagements through the recording of his final Grammy winning Gospel Album, and to his memorial service which featured a host of gospel greats. Filled with personal memories by those who know him well, you get a behind the séance look at his sessions and rehearsals. And much more. 90 minutes

From The Shadows Of The King
A Visual Autobiography by David E. Stanley, Step Brother To Elvis Aaron Presley. David Stanley spent 17 years living, growing up and eventually working for his world famous stepbrother Elvis Presley. An integrated part of Elvis' daily life. David opens the doors of the Graceland mansion and shares how he turned the adversity of his surrealistic upbringing into personal achievement. Features over 100 photographs and illustrations and never before seen footage of the king of Rock'n'Roll

The Orpheum Rock
The new "Elvis That's The Way It Is" as recorded on August 16th 2000, this was recorded by a fan at the cinema on his camcorder. Some amazing footage, also on this video film from around Memphis during Elvis Week 2000

"Elvis Forever"
90 minute, documentary: Exclusive first time interviews and memories including: Kenny Rogers, Gordon Stoker, Glen Campbell, Anita Wood, Dick Clark, Mac Davis, Steve Binder, Jerry Sheff, Myrna Smith, Dr. Nick and many more. Includes film clips from Houston 1970 interview, Arm clips, movies, Sinatra Show, Concert film including fan footage

Hot Shots & Cool Clips
April 23rd 1956, March 28th 1957, September 27th 1957, September 22nd 1958, March 1960, May 1960, July 1961, April 11th 1962, February 14th 1964, May 1st 1967, August 1968, April 1969 June 9th 1972, News Highlights, October 1st 1958, September 5th 1972, Slideshow Photographs taken March 17th 1974 at the afternoon performance at the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis Tennessee.

Elvis The Colonel & Me - by Ed Bonja
Ed Bonja talking about his times on the road with the Colonel & Elvis, which is interesting for the most part. Then for the bonus film included taken from the collection of Sharif Hanna, This footage is absolutely stunning coming from Las Vegas February 1971 & 1972 & various 1976 shows & Rochester 77 (Which has to be the best amateur footage to be seen by fans to date. It really puts the CBS TV special film to shame, it is so clear & the colour.

Elvis His Best Friend Remembers by Joe Esposito
ELVIS PRESLEY may be gone, but he is definitely not forgotten. Aug. 16, 2002 marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of the King of Rock 'n' Roll with the release of a new Presley collectible. "Elvis- His Best Friend Remembers" is a one-of-a-kind acknowledgment from "DIAMOND JOE" ESPOSITO, one of Presley's best buddies and confidants. Esposito provides a candid commentary of the close to 20 years he spent on and off the road with Presley, beginning with their U.S. Army adventures. Among those stories are "Elvis Buys a Chimp," "Germany 1959," and "A Kiss from Don Ho."

Elvis Behind The Image
This new top-notch release. Has candid and concert footage (silent) that has never before been released. Elvis' close friends are also interviewed, people like ; Sandi Miller, Kathy Westmoreland and John Wilkinson. The producers believe in the quality of their products and will include a preview for the second volume that will knock your socks off!!!

Larry King CNN with Joe Esposito & Linda Thompson; August 2002 interviews great to see Linda talking about Elvis

Larry King CNN with Priscilla Presley

There's Only One Elvis: BBC documentary celebrities remember Elvis and the influence he had on them like Frank Skimmer, Jonathan Ross, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Jimmy Tarbuck, Alvin Stardust, and also close friends like Linda Thompson, Anita Wood, Bill Burke, Jerry Schilling and more narrated by Lisa Tarbuck

The Mob: BBC documentary a follow up to "All The Kings Men" and look at what Elvis' old bodyguards are up to today and some memories of the good and bad old days with Elvis

"Elvis Lives " TV Special will with interviews and comments on the life of Elvis Presley

200 Cadillac's: The film is a look at the generosity of Elvis Presley and features many people close to the King and the gifts they were given. Filmmakers Dan Griffin, Rex Fowler and Susan Rod Graham travelled the country seeking out the recipients and their stories, many never told before.
300 never before published photographs from the private collections of Sandi Miller, Russ Howe and Tom Salva are interspersed with the stories from Presley's original band-mate, DJ Fontana, long-time live-in girlfriend Linda Thompson, Gordon Stoker of the Jordanaires, Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations, personal nurse Marian Cocke, hairdresser Larry Geller, Karate instructor Kang Rhee, Cadillac salesmen, Mrs. Ed parker, and a few surprise participants recount the stories behind the gifts and personal recollections of King of Rock & Roll. Many never before seen personal photographs of Presley are interspersed with the interviews for the film.

The Definitive Elvis
(16 hours): "THE DEFINITIVE ELVIS" is exactly that  an all-encompassing, in-depth look at the life and career of a man whose popularity is unrivalled in the history of show business and who continues to attract millions of new fans each year. This groundbreaking, sixteen-hour series is brimming with classic film clips, rare home movies, never-before-seen photos, and newly produced location footage that cover every aspect of Elvis' life as never before.
At the heart of this landmark project are more than 200 Exclusive Interviews with many of Presley's most intimate associates, as well as some of the biggest names in the film and recording industries. Legendary entertainers like: *Kenny Rogers *Tony Orlando *Patti Page *Mac Davis *Barry Gibb *Tab Hunter *Dick Clark *Phyllis McGuire *Bill Medley *Glen Campbell Memorable costars such as: *Ann-Margret *Stella Stevens *Deborah Walley *Mary Ann Mobley *Sheree North *Barbara McNair *Teri Garr *Celeste Yarnall Plus many, many more. Gorgeous girlfriends like: Connie Stevens *Barbara Leigh *Sheila Ryan *Linda Thompson, plus lifelong friends and members of Elvis' inner circle share their intimate stories, fresh insight, and reminiscences for the very first time in this historic series. Every Film and Television Appearance is represented in this series as well as Rare Footage Of Many of Elvis' Tours & Concerts Executive Consultant Joe Esposito, who spent nearly twenty years as Elvis' road manager, confidant, and close friend, has helped to set the record straight about Presley's private life and career, dispelling the innumerable lies, half-truths and rumors that have evolved over the years. No ELVIS fan can be without this exhaustive study of the Greatest Entertainer of all time.
The 25th Anniversary Concert Memphis: 74 minutes of concert footage mostly of the new material used, and not to be used in the touring show

TV Specials

68 TV Special
80 min. After an absence of eight years from live concerts, Elvis performed this TV Special in front of a live audience. Taped between June 27th & June 30th 1968. Elvis proved to be just as fresh and vital as he was in the early days, hence the name it is known "The 68' Comeback Special". The show was first broadcast on December 3rd 1968.

One Night With You & Unguarded Moments
One Night With You...: 55 min. This 1985 release is 54 minutes long and is basted on the June 27th 6pm Sit down show Unguarded Moments...: 55 min. The Complete Second Sit Down Show Recorded For The TV Special.

Stand Up Shows
60 min. Both Stand Up Shows from June 29th The Complete 6:00pm Show along with the Complete 8:00pm Show not to be missed. See Elvis Sing "Tip Toe Through The Tulips" along with "If I Can Dream" sung in the Black Leather.

The 68 Out-Takes
180 min. Video of the best material you'll ever see. See all the Between Takes, Several Takes of "If I Can Dream" in The White Suit This Time. See Elvis having fun on his First TV Special. All recorded between June 20th and June 23rd 1968.

The Lost Performances
55 min This 1992 Video features footage rescued from an underground Vault in Kansas. It comprises of discarded footage from "Elvis - That's The Way It Is" and "Elvis On Tour"

The Alternate Aloha
55 min. The never broadcast dress rehearsal that Elvis performed at 8.30pm on January 12th 1973. Just in case something went wrong with the satellite. The back-up show was made for Japanese television.

Aloha From Hawaii
75 min. Elvis' most celebrated live performance. Viewed by over a Billion people around the world via satellite. Broadcast on January 14th 1973. Described by many as "the pinnacle of Elvis' Career"

Japanese Aloha
120 min. This Version Has A Lot Of Footage Of The Band Setting Up There Equipment And More Footage Of Elvis Not Used On The U.K Version.

Elvis In Concert
55 min. Filmed in June 1977 by CBS TV. Elvis looking overweight and not in the best of health still manages to put on an amazing performance. Completion was rushed after Elvis' death and the programme was broadcast on October 3rd 1977, this special Of Elvis' Last Concert tour, was never officially released.

Omaha 19th June 1977 & Rapid City 21st June 1977
Here for the first time on video Elvis in concert as you were supposed to see him in the TV Special "Elvis In Concert" this video was shot in Colour the Omaha concert in it's entirety uncut, Rapid City is cut in places, this show starts in Elvis dressing room just before going on stage, then during the "2001" theme you see Elvis make his way to the back of the stage, then he's on, here you see a false start to "See, See Rider". Here you will see Elvis performing songs like "If You Love Me Let Me Know" , "Hawaiian Wedding Song", also the unreleased version of "Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel" over 2 hours of Elvis On Stage and behind 90% unseen not to be missed.

All The Kings Men Vol. 1 - The Secret Life Of Elvis
60 min. Provides a brief, full-life overview of the secret life of Elvis, the life hidden from his fans:- includes excerpt from a telephone conversation between Red West & Elvis in 1976, shows Elvis had no hard feelings about the book being written about him, Previously unseen interview with Elvis on a train bound for the Frank Sinatra show in 1960, revealing memories from the men by Elvis' side from the beginning through to the last hours of his life. Tapes 2-6 each examine in great detail, a specific period in Elvis' life. As a series, these tapes provide the most detailed, intimate look at the real Elvis ever assembled!

All The Kings Men Vol. 2 - Rocket Ride To Stardom
60 min. You get an in-depth look at Elvis' early years, from his birth in 1935 through his discharge from the army in 1960. Find out how Elvis develop his unique style, and the one man Elvis credits as his major influence! Learn the inside story about Elvis' relationship with his mother, and how her death changed his life forever! Hear how Elvis almost died in the army!

All The Kings Men Vol. 3 - Wild In Hollywood

60 min. Elvis takes Hollywood by storm. From1956 to 1969, Elvis was the box-office King, starring in 31 feature films. Hear the inside story of Elvis and his beautiful leading ladies! Learn how the Kennedy assassination affected Elvis' view of stardom. Extravagant, wild parties at Elvis' Bel-Air estate

All The Kings Men Vol. 4 - The King Comes Back
60 min. In this 4th video you'll see and hear why Elvis was becoming dissatisfied with his "cookie-cutter" roles in his movies. Musical styles were changing, an Elvis yearned for a return to his roots. Hear about the historic meeting with the Beetles. Lean why Elvis demanded (and got) a private meeting with President Nixon! Hear first hand accounts of the death threats on Elvis' Life and how the "Memphis Mafia" worked with the FBI to protect the King..

All The Kings Men Vol. 5 - Collapse Of The Kingdom
60 min. You'll see and hear the dramatic inside story of what it was like in the final seven years of Elvis' life as told by the "Memphis Mafia" the men who were there! Learn the truth about Elvis and the Colonel and how the Colonel blocked the movie deal that could have saved Elvis' life. Find out about the women, the guns and the money! Hear about the desperate attempts to save the King, and his final days!

All The Kings Men Vol. 6 - The Legend Lives On
60 min. In this final video you'll see and hear why Elvis Presley was, and still is, one of the most popular entertainers of all time. A celebration of the life of Elvis Presley, including dozens of personal, never-before seen photo's. See the complete home movie of Elvis' 1968 Hawaiian vacation. Includes bonus footage from a reunion party honouring Elvis and "The Memphis Mafia"!

Movies about Elvis

Elvis The True Story Of The King Of Rock'n'Roll
164min Version Of The Life Of Elvis Presley Starring Kurt Russell & Shelley Winters. Traces Elvis life up to his Vegas Comeback in 1969. Although he dose sing "Burning Love" from 1972???

Elvis And The Beauty Queen
100 min. The Story Of The Romance Between Elvis Presley & Linda Thompson The Memphis Born Beauty Queen. 96mins Starring Don Johnson & Stephanie Zimbalist.

Touched By Love
True story touching movie based on the book "To Elvis With Love"


180 min. Priscilla Story Of Her Life With Elvis interesting but a little one sided.

Heartbreak Hotel

Fantasy adventure

3000 Miles To Graceland
Thriller comedy

Finding Graceland
Fantasy adventure/comedy

Other Videos

Elvis His Truth Is Marching On Freddie Star Tribute
45 Minute concert

Almost Elvis 
Elvis impersonator competition

All The Kings Men
Follow up to Almost Elvis see these impersonators on stage.

VHS Multi-Standard (PAL, NTSC, SECAM) Video Conversion

I have the equipment to Convert PAL VHS video tape recordings to and from the following countries formats

· NTSC - Korea, USA, Japan, Taiwan, and Philippines
· SECAM - France, Eastern Europe, and CIS
· PAL-M - Brazil (This is closer to NTSC than PAL)
· PAL-N - Argentina (Apparently this almost identical to PAL)
· NTSC4.43 - Pseudo NTSC Signal which made to the NTSC tape in the Middle East
· MESECAM - The name of the tape which uses the method of recording the SECAM signal. The Output Signal during playback is SECAM signal
· PAL - used in United Kingdom, Germany, Western Europe, China and Singapore