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The Way It Was - An audiovisual Documentry by Sherif Hanna & Ernst Mikael Jorgensen

Book 96 pages hard back 245mm by 245mm
CD running Time 75:18

This new FTD project has been a long time in the making, and fans have been anxious to see what the FTD label could come up with, especially at a price tag of 36.00 or so.

Well the CD is first class and would have made an excellent single CD on its own, and the tracks used give a good overall view of this event. "Ghost Riders In The Sky" is terrific you can actually hear Elvis.
A lot of this has been available on the Import market for a long time but again the sound here is a class above the boot releases.

The book it's self has all the recorded information known to exist the date where its been released on CD/Cinema & Video. With the exception of the Bootleg releases, understandably so I suppose but would have helped. Of the 96 pages only 94 have anything on them. The only fault I found with this book is you have finished reading it before the end of the 3rd or 4th track on the CD.
So a few more pages of text would have been better, Sherif Hanna's photos are good, and I have a couple here for you to see, hopefully ones that haven't been seen before.

If you haven't bought this book because you think it's too expensive, think on this. The CD is worth 15.00 so it's 21.00 for the book, yes I would say a little over priced but it is a hard back and well put together, plus it's a worthwhile addition to your other TTWII CD's & DVD/Video from this period in time.

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