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Elvis: The Louisiana Hayride ARCHIVES Vol. 1
Introduction By Frank Page, And Elvis' First Appearance on the Hayride Saturday October 16th 1954 "THAT'S ALL RIGHT" & "BLUE MOON OF KENTUCKY" More from Frank Page & how Elvis Got his first years Contract On the 6th November 1954 "HEART OF STONE","MONEY HONEY",I DON'T CARE IF THE SUN DON'T SHINE",GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT" & "I GOT A WOMAN" More from Frank Page and he Explains how Elvis arrives late and just manages to sing one song at the end of the show "TWEEDLE DEE" Closing Comments. Frank Page talks of Elvis' Touring "BABY LET'S PLAY HOUSE",MAYBALINE","THAT'S ALL RIGHT" & TWEEDLE DEE". Frank Page talks on how Elvis Eventually Bought out his remaining 6 Months of the Contract but agreed to do one more show For The Hayride. "I WAS THE ONE",LOVE ME TENDER" & "HOUND DOG" Closing Comments.... From CD "Cuttin' Loose" .:-Heart Of Stone; Money Honey; I Don't are If The Sun Don't Shine. Played At The Correct Speed

Elvis, Scotty & Bill In The Beginning
Bill Collie Interview; There's Good Rockin' Tonight; Baby Let's Play House; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; I Got A Woman; That's All Right; Elvis Interview; Tweedle Dee; Baby Let's Play House; Maybelline; That's All Right; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; There's Good Rockin' Tonight; I Got A Woman

Elvis Presley Early Recordings
(Original Live Recordings From The 50's- Digitally Reworked);…: That's When Your Heartaches Begin; Shake, Rattle & Roll; Fool, Fool, Fool; Tweedle Dee; Maybaline; I'm Left Your Right She's Gone; Blue Moon; I Got A Woman; That's All Right; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; There's Good Rockin' Tonight; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; Walk A Mile In My Shoes; Polk Salad Annie..(NB Last 2 tracks of course were recorded in 69 not the 50's

WORD FOR WORD CD 1: 1955: 1. July 28. Jacksonville, Florida - Mae Axton Interview: 2. Summer of 1955. Gladewater, Texas - Radio Commercial: 3. August 31. Memphis, Tennessee - Bob Neal WMPS Radio Interview: 1956: 4. March 24. New York, NY. Warwick Hotel - Robert Brown Interview: 5. April 9. Wichita Falls, Texas. Municipal Auditorium - Jay Thompson Int: 6. April 15. San Antonio, Texas - Charlie Walker Interview: 7. May 14. Lacrosse, Wisconsin. Sawyer Auditorium - Interviewer unknown: 8. May 16. Little Rock, Arkansas. Robinson Auditorium - Ray Green Interview: 9. June 8. Los Angeles, California. Shrine Auditorium - Lou Irwin Interview: 10. July 1. New York, NY. Warwick Hotel - Hy Gardner Telephone Interview
WORD FOR WORD CD 2: 1956: 1. July 9. New Orleans, Louisiana - WNOE Radio Interview: 2. July 10. New Orleans, Louisiana - Jim Stewart Radio Interview: 3. August 5. Tampa, Florida - Ray and Norma Pillow Interview: 4. August 6. Lakeland, Florida. Polk Theatre - Poul Wilder Interview: 5. August 7. St. Petersburg, Florida - Bob Hoffer Interview: 6. August 9. Daytona, Florida - Ed Ripley Interview: 7. August 29. Hollywood, California - (The Truth About Me) + Out Takes
WORD FOR WORD CD 3: 1956: 1. September 26. Tupelo, Mississippi - Jack Christal Interview with both Nick Adams & Elvis: 2. September 1956 - NBC"S Monitor: 3. October 14. San Antonio, Texas. Country Coliseum - Al Hickock Interview: 4. October 25. Elvis introduces the latest RCA Victor Albums (Perfect for Parties): 5. November 1956 - Radio Commercial for RCA"S Elvis Presley Autographed Record Player: 6. Telephone Interview 1956: 1957: 7. January 2. - Radio Spots for (March of Dimes): 8. April 3. Ottawa, Canada - Mac Lipson Interview: 9. September 2. Portland, Oregon - Interviewer unknown: 1958: 10. March 24. Memphis, Tennessee. Draft board - Directed by Mayor Elbert Turner (Swearing in as a member of the U.S. Army): 11. March 24. Fort Chaffee, Arkansas - Interviewer unknown: 12. September 22. Brooklyn, NY. Library at U.S.S Randall - Pat Hernon Interview: 13. October 1. Bad Homberg, Germany - Unknown Interviewer
14. October 1. Friedberg, Germany - Arrival in Friedberg: 1959: 15. March 1959. Friedberg, Germany - Dick Clark Phone Interview: 16. June 19. Munich, Germany - Unknown Interviewer: 17. July 1959 - Bad Nauheim, Germany - Don Owens WAHL Radio Interview: 18. August 1959. Friedberg, Germany - Dick Clark Phone Interview: 19. Germany 1959 - German Reporter Interview
WORD FOR WORD CD 4; 1960: 1. March 1. Friedberg, Germany - Interviewer unknown: 2. March 1. - Johnny Paris AFN Radio Interview: 3. March 3. Fort Dix, New Jersey - Interviewer unknown: 4. November 1960 - Film Commercial for G.I. Blues: 1961: 5. March 8. Nashville, Tennessee - Elvis is made Honorary Colonel of Tennessee: 6. March 24. Honolulu, Hawaii - Award Presentation to Elvis: 1962: 7. April 7. Honolulu, Hawaii - Elvis Arrives in Hawaii for the filming of Girls! Girls! Girls!: 8. August 1962. Hollywood, California - Lloyd Shearer Interview:1964: 9. April 26. - Elvis's Message to his Fans in the UK: 1965:10. August 18. Honolulu, Hawaii - Elvis & Peter Noon of Herman's Hermit's interviews each other: 1967: 11. Pre Recorded Message for Elvis Christmas Radio Program, Aired December 3. 1967: 1971: 12. January 16. Memphis, Tennessee. Ellis Auditorium - Elvis' speech (Ten Most Outstanding Men of America 1971)
WORD FOR WORD CD 5; 1972: 1. March 30. Hollywood, California. RCA'S Studios - Conversation between Elvis Presley, J.D. Sumner, Pierre Adidge & Robert Abel; 2. March 1972. Hollywood, California. RCA'S Studios - Elvis Talks about his childhood: 3. April 11. Roanoke, Virginia. Airport - Mayor Roy Webber presents Elvis with the key to the city: 4. April 15. Macon, Georgia - Backstage conversation between Elvis, the film crew and members of Elvis' entourage; 5. April 16. Jacksonville, Florida - Backstage conversation between Elvis, the film crew and members of Elvis' entourage: 6. April 17. Little Rock, Arkansas - Elvis talking with members of his entourage: 7. April 18. San Antonio, Texas - Elvis talking with members of his entourage: 1973: 8. Summer 1973. DJ Tony Prince talks with Elvis: 9. 1972 Or 1973 - DJ Tony Prince Interview: 10. November 1973. Memphis, Tennessee. The Home of Linda Thompson's - Elvis is telling a poem that he wrote: 1974: 11.January 30. Las Vegas, Nevada. Elvis' suite Hilton Hotel: 1977: 12. June 21. Rapid City, South Dakota - Backstage meeting with the Mayor and a little Indian girl

Elvis Answers Back Vol. 1: May 6th 1955 Bob Neil & Elvis, Texarkana, Arkansas; 1955 Jackson Florida; 1957 Memphis; Nov. 2nd 1956 County Coliseum, Texas; March 24th 1956 Warwick Hotel; Sept. 9th 1956 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio
Elvis Answers Back Vol. 2: 1960 ANF Broadcast; 1964 Elvis NME Award; April 29th 1965 Hawaii With Peter Noone; 1961 Graceland Press Conference; Presentation Of Billboard Award.

Elvis Rebel Talk
A Talking and Screaming Album only:- Man Or Menace?(radio live broadcast of Elvis in Detroit, March 31st 1957 - All Hell Breaks Loose!); 1957 March Of Dimes(recorded from original radio transcript); Germany Calling(Dick Clark talks to Elvis in Germany, Early 1959); Germany Calling 2(Dick Clark talks to Elvis in Germany, Late 1959); The Making Of A Hit Record(Dick Simmons talks to Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, 1957); Jailhouse Rock May 6th 1955 Texarkana; St. Petersburg; Wichita Falls; New Orleans; Memphis; March 1970 Houston; La Crosse

Private Elvis/Face To Face
Private Elvis/Face To Face...: Private Elvis From The Book Of The Same Name:- Elvis In Germany 1958; Elvis Meets The Foreign Press; Tweedle Dee; Elvis In The Army Interview; I Got A Woman; We Want Elvis Chant; Maybelline; That's All Right; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; 1960 Graceland Press Conference; Baby Let's Play House; FACE TO FACE With Lloyd Shearer;- On The Set Of It Happened At The worlds Fair Aug/Sept. 1962

Elvis Presley Come And Get Me - Elvis An Afternoon At The Hilton
Elvis Talks About His Show(excerpt from Houston 27th Feb 1970 Press Conference); Elvis Talks About His Career(Live on stage 21st Aug 1969); Tweedle Dee(live 18th Dec 1954); The Image, The Man(excerpt from New York 9th June 1972); I Got A Woman(live 16th May 1956); Arlene Calling Elvis(1969); A Better Human Being(clip from "Face To Face) - 20 min ..-.. The Complete Interview Elvis Gave in the Mercury Ballroom of the New York Hilton Hotel on June 9th at 4:00pm just before his four sold out Madison Square Garden shows includes Introduction - 20:47

Elvis Answers Back/Windows Of The Soul & Little Rock Concert
The Complete August 1956 Interview with Elvis lasting Just Over 20 minutes, Over 18 minutes Previously Unreleased. 10 minute unreleased interview from 1956 + the original 2 minute "Truth About Me release from 1956 in perfect Sound. Followed by 6 minutes of interview out-takes. .Followed By "Windows Of The Soul" 11 Minutes of how the Little Rock Interview came about by the man who was there Ray Green, of the KlRA Local Little Rock Radio Station. Followed by the Complete Interview from May 16th 1956 Recorded in-between Concerts.: Robinson Memorial Auditorium, Little Rock Arkansas, May 16th 1956:- Heartbreak Hotel; Long Tall Sally; I Was The One; Money Honey; I Got A Woman; Blue Suede Shoes; Hound Dog + Interview

The Elvis Tapes
Complete Vancouver Press Conference From 1957; Talking With Elvis:- In Paris...In Ottawa.. In New York.. In Houston.. In Nashville.. In Lakeland & everywhere.

Rare Interviews
INTERVIEWS:- 1961 Elvis Being Made Honouree Colonel In Nashville February 25th Elvis gives thank you speech 16min Approx. ;1972 Elvis In New York. The complete June Press Conference recorded direct from Elvis' mic; 1964 Elvis Giving Away The "Potomac" Yacht & Talking with Danny Thomas About The Beetles Etc.. 13min

Elvis The Press Conferences CD 1
October 14th 1956 San Antonio: March 31st 1957 Detroit: September 22nd 1958 Brooklyn part 1: September 22nd 1958 Brooklyn part 2: March 8th 1960 Graceland: February 25th 1961 Memphis

Elvis The Press Conferences CD 2
March 25th 1961 Hawaii: February 14th 1964 Long Beach; February 27th 1970 Houston; June 9th 1972 New York: September 4/5th Las Vegas 

Let's Take It On Home
Dialogue from "Elvis On Tour" interview (1972) 2. K.S.I.J. Gladewater, Texas radio promo (1955) 3. Maybellene* 4. Telephone Interview (1956) 5. Shrine Auditorium L.A. interview by D.J. Lou Irwin (June 8, 1956) 6. Poor Boy* 7. March of Dimes (1957) 8. Portland, Oregon train station interview (September 3, 1957) 9. Arrival at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas (March 24, 1958) 10. Dick Clark talks to Elvis in Germany (early 1959) 11. Don Owens Talks To Elvis In Germany (summer 1959) 12. Medley: I Understand / The Fool / Hurt / Happy Birthday Baby* 13. Dick Clark Talks To Elvis In Germany (late 1959) 14. GI Blues Commercial (1960) 15. Elvis accepts the title of "honorary Colonel" at the Tennessee State Legislature in Nashville, Tennessee (March 8, 1961) 16. Elvis Arrives In Hawaii to film "Girls, Girls, Girls" (April 7, 1962) 17. Bossa Nova Baby* 18. Elvis Presents F.D.R.'s yacht "Pontiac" to St. Jude's Hospital in Memphis (Long Beach, California, February 13, 1964) 19. The Jordanaires greet the Dutch fans (1967) 20. "Singer" presents Elvis LP commercial 21. My Happiness* (recorded live) 22. Elvis talks about the New Year's Eve concert in Pontiac (March 1976) * performed by Paul Ansell

Let's Take It On Home Again Vol. 2:

WNOE Radio, New Orleans, July 9th 1956; Jim Stuart interview, radio interview New Orleans July 10th 1956; Ray & Norma Pillow interview, Tampa FL August 5th 1956; Excerpts from TV Guide interview with Elvis & the Colonel August 6th 1956; From NBC "Monitor" Happy interviews Elvis Sept, '56; Elvis promo for RCA Record Players November 1956 (RCA Victoria Division Spots); "Der Elvis" in Munich, Germany June 19th 1959; Complete Johnny Paris interview at Ray Barracks Friedberg, Germany for the Armed Forces Radio & Television Network March 1st 1960; Presentation of Awards to Elvis in Honolulu Hawaii, March 25th 1961; Elvis talks about his new film "Blue Hawaii" 1961; The Betles talk about meeting with Elvis August 28th 1965; Elvis fools around with Peter Noone of Herman Hermits, DJ Tom Moffet, Marty Lacker and the Colonel Honolulu August 18th 1956; Red Robinson talks to the Colonel August 1965; Radio Promo for "Charro!" 1969 including interviews on the set with producer Charles M. Warren and actresses Ina Balin & Barbra Werle; Radio Promo for "Frankie & Johnny" 1966; Turtle dialogue Las Vegas February 21st 1970; Complete Jaycees Award Speech January 16th 1971; Elvis On Tour Radio promo clip; Elvis pays tribute to J.D Sumner Lakeland Fl April 28th 1975; Elvis is alive and well in his bathroom in Kalamazoo MI (Radio Comedy Scetch).

Crazy The Funny Side of Elvis
Hey young man/Dressing Room Talk; Elvis Does Bill Cosby; A Stone cold Natural Freak!; Elvis Talks About His Liver Biopsy; And His Broken Finger; Even Kings Do It; Joking with J.D. Sumner; Sound Bites; On Top Of His Game; A New Year Eve To Remember; Sweets For My Sweets; Ode To A Robin; Foolin' Around with Kathy Westmoreland; Memories Of Getting Married In The Movies; The Sick Aloha Eagle; The Hermit Meets The King; The Girl From The Exorcist; Memphis, March 20, 1974; outtakes; On The Set Of Blue Hawaii; 05/61; The Hilton Hawaiian Village Press Conference November 20th 1972; Elvis Closing signs off

Long Lost Songs & Some

Just Pretend(Vegas 75); It's A Matter Of Time(Aug. 5th 73); Tiger Man(Vegas 75); Down In The Alley(Aug. 19th 74); Such A Night(76); Loving You/Crying In The Chapel/Rip It Up/Roses Are Red/I'll Be There(Vegas Aug. 75); Your The Reason I'm Living(Vegas March 22nd 75); Crying Time(Vegas 70); San Anton Rose(Vegas Sept.1st 70); Where No One Stands Alone(77); God Call's Me Home(Unknown Date); Bathroom Conversation/Blue Suede Shoes/Young & Beautiful/Are You Lonesome Tonight/If You Love Me Let Me Know(Vegas Aug. 75); Folsom Prison Blues/I Walk The Line(Vegas 70); Bosom Of Abraham/You Better Run(Uniondale 19th July 75); Hilton Rehearsal:-True Love Travels On A Gravel Road; First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; Dialogue; My Way; Fever; Portrait Of My Love; ...Hound Dog; When The Snow Is On The Roses(Vegas 69); Turn Around Look At Me(Asheville 75); You'll Never Walk Alone(Nassau 75)You Can Have Her... Crying Time (Vegas 21st Aug 70); Suzie Q….

Command Performance
Various Live Recordings(Not Soundboard); C, C Rider; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; Little Sister/Get Back; My Babe; Reconsider Baby; Trouble; My Boy; Spanish Eyes; Oh Happy Day; The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; Big Boss Man; It's Midnight; If You Talk In Your Sleep; Hawaiian Wedding Song; Softly As I Leave You; It's Now Or Never; Proud Mary; Never Been To Spain; Love Me; You Gave Me A Mountain

Leavin' It up To You
I'm Leavin' It Up To You (rehearsal 23rd January 1973); Stop Where You Are (Take 1); Fever (Aloha Rehearsal); Aloha-Oe (take 6); Sand Castles (takes 5,10); Burning Love (Aloha rehearsal); Patch It Up (Studio Jam); King Of The Whole Wide World (alt Take); You Gave Me A Mountain (Aloha Rehearsal); I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (Alt Take); Queenie Wahine's Papaya (Alt Take); Mary In The Morning (Alt take)

Request Box Shows
All Recorded Between Aug. 18th & 20th 1975 Not Soundboard But Very Good Sound...; C, C Rider; Bathroom Conversation; Blue Suede Shoes; Young & Beautiful; Are You Lonesome Tonight; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Softly As I Leave You; It's Now Or Never; Polk Salad Annie; Introduction Of The Righteous Brothers; My Boy; And I Love You So; Green ,Green Grass Of Home; Fairytale; T.R.O.U.B.L.E; Why Me Lord; Until It's Time For You To Go; Burning Love; Can't Help Falling In Love

The Memphis Flash Hits Las Vegas
Elvis addresses Sound Engineer Bill Porter(Aug. 19th 1970); Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues & It's Midnight(Aug. 19th 1974); Introduction Of Richard Egan(Aug. 19th 1971); Big Boss Man & let Me Be There(April 1st 1975); Introduction Of Neil Diamond & 1 Line Of Holly Holy & Heartbreak Hotel(Aug. 21st 1970); Your The Reason I'm Living(March 23rd 1975); Elvis Sings 1 Line Of "Along Came Jones" & Fools With Hound Dog(Aug. 19th 1970); Hound Dog/Are You Sincere(Aug. 19th 1975); Fever(Long Version Aug. 24th 1974); I'll Fight Scene(Feb. 2nd 1973);Tiger Man(Slow); Strung Out Dialogue(Sept. 2nd 1974); Lawdy Miss Clawdy(Abilene Texas, March 27th 1977)

In The Shadow Of A Legend
Dialogue from "On Tour" 1972; Vernon talks about the early days to producers of "On Tour"; Interview with Vernon & Gladys at the Tupelo fair September 26th 1956; Elvis interviewed at Warwick Hotel March 24th 1956 (excerpt); Vancouver Interview 31st August 1957 (excerpt); September 22nd 1958 "Elvis Sails" (excerpt); August 1962 interview (excerpt); June 9th 1972 New York Hilton press conference; Elvis introduces his father from the stage Memphis June 10th 1975; Vernon interview June 1977 (excerpt); August 16th news report, the press talk to Elvis; Vernon's final press statement September 1977; Arlene Cogan calling Elvis January 1969; Denver police officer Ron Pietrafeso calling Elvis April 1971.

Elvis & Red West Telephone Conversation
Red West recorded a telephone conversation between himself and Elvis in October of 1976, this is while the West boys and Mr. Hebler were in the middle of writing the book "Elvis - What Happened" it is a very interesting conversation and runs for over 50 minutes

Felton Jarvis Talks About Elvis 1980
Recorded on 16th December 1980, in conjunction with what was supposed to be a Radio interview to coincide with the release of the 1981 release "Guitar Man" Felton recorded this to give him the idea of how he would do it the following week, but Felton became ill, and died in January 1981 on the 3rd. Felton also talks about Elvis in the recording studio and how Elvis went about recording at a session, and the recording of his Grammy Award records "How Great Thou Art" etc..

lvis Presley's Graceland - The Official Tour (old version)
Welcome to Graceland; Introduction about Graceland includes comments by Priscilla Presley; The Living Room & Music Room; Elvis' Parents Bedroom; The Dining Room; The Kitchen; The Basement - The TV Room; The Basement - The Pool Room; The Jungle Room; The Back Yard; Vernon's Office; Smoke House/Firing Range; The Pasture; The Trophy Room; Racquet Ball Court; The Pool & Meditation Garden; The End Of The Tour

If I Can Dream - Attack On America
American Trilogy - mix (Elvis); God Bless The USA -1; America The Beautiful (Elvis); American Pride - mix; Attack on America montage; Montage featuring Faith Hill; God Bless America; God Bless The USA -2; America The Beautiful (Ray Charles); God Bless The USA -3; Star Spangled Banner (Whitney Houston); God Bless The USA; If I Can Dream (Elvis)

Welcome To My Home - A Tour Of Graceland (2001 edition)
Welcome to Graceland (1:57); The Living Room/Music Room/Elvis' Parents Room (2:34); Dining Room/Kitchen (1:38); TV Room/Pool Room (2:21); Jungle Room/Display Room (2:56); A little about the family & Graceland (1:05); Brief look at the 70's décor (0:49); Desk & other items from Elvis' Bedroom (0:35); A look at Elvis' sports & hobbies (1:32); Carport/Lisa's swing set/Vernon's Office (1:07); Pasture/Trophy Building (1:28); Beginning of Elvis' career in the 50's (2:02); Elvis TV Appearances 1956 - 1957 (1:31); 1956 the big break (0:35); Elvis' early Rock'n'Roll (1:20); Elvis' record sales & awards (2:01); Elvis' Army Uniforms & Army Information (1:15); Elvis' Tour of Germany (0:53); Elvis' Movie Career (1:05); 20.Elvis' Top Ranking Movies (1:23); Elvis' Charity Work (1:08); Walk A Mile In My Shoes (1:02); Elvis' 1968 TV Special (0:56); Jam Session from TV Special (0:55); Elvis' return to live performances (1:02); Fun on stage with Elvis (0:47); Elvis' Jaycees Award (0:32); Jaycee Speech from January 1971 (0:39); Racquet Ball Building/The end of an era (3:07); Elvis on stage (1:13); The Awards on the walls (1:08); The Meditation Garden (4:48); BONUS TRACKS:- In The Ghetto - out-take (1:33); Suspicious Minds - out-takes (1:15);  A Little Less Conversation - remix (3:34); Rubberneckin' 2002 (4:33)

Various Other Elvis Related Items

Scotty Moore & D.J Fontana With The Jordanaires
Hound Dog; Loving You; Money Honey; My Baby Left Me; Heartbreak Hotel; That's All Right; Milkcow Blues Boogie; Don't; Mystery Train; Don't Be Cruel; Love Me Tender; Mean Woman Blues.

The Guitar Sounds Of James Burton
Polk Salad Annie; Suzie Q; Fire And Rain; Fools Rush In; Johnny B Goode; I Know (You Don't Want Me No More); Delta Lady; Mystery Train; Rock And Raunch; Hound Dog; High-Heeled Sneakers; Long Reach

Jerry Scheff - Fire Down Below
1. Fire Down Below 1976; 2. That's When The Real Love Begins; 3. Living In Paradise; 4. Fire Down Below 2001 (if Elvis were alive and young today); 5. Jerry mumbles a few words; 6. Fire Down Below 1976 (sing along version); 7. Fire Down Below 2001 (sing along version)

John Wilkinson in Belgium 22nd May 1999
Barbara Dex: Burning Love; Fever; Kentucky Rain; Devil In Disguise; For The Good Times; Don't Be Cruel; Lovin' Arms; Suspicious Minds. John Wilkinson: Intro/Let's Have A Party; I'll Never Love Again; I Got A Woman; Don't Cry Daddy; His Latest Flame; Love Letters; It's Now Or Never; The First Time Ever I Say Your Face; Early Morning Rain; The Wonder Of You; Band Introductions; American Trilogy; Johnny B. Goode; Can't Help Falling In Love; Exit Theme

Symphonic Elvis

Ettore Stratta Memphis Symphony Orchestra, with guest appearances by:- Scotty Moore, Charlie McCoy, Boots Randolph, Reggie Young, Mike Leech and Bobby Wood.
That's All Right; If I Can Dream; Can't Help Falling In Love; Return To Sender; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Burning Love; Love Me Tender; Don't Be Cruel; Suspicious Minds; Surrender/It's Now Or Never; Heartbreak Hotel; How Great Thou Art/He Touched Me/Battle Hymn of the Republic

We All Wanna Sound Like Elvis
Barry Stanton - Tribute To The King; Pete DeBree - Hey Mr. Presley; The Kids - Elvis And Me; John Mampton - Honey Rush; Billy Boyle - My Baby's Crazy 'Bout Elvis; Conway Twitty - Foggy River; Tommy Sands - Little Mama; Barry Stanley - It Don't Pay; Cliff Rivers - True Lips; Johnny Rhythm - Wouldn't It Be Nice; Sonny Wilson - Aint Givin' Up Nothing; Bobby Cash - Run Fool; Jimmy Breedlove - Jealous Fool; Dick Banks - Dirty Dog; Vince Everett - Sweet Favours; Vic Vickers - Action Speaks; Gary Middleton - Don't Be Shy; Ray Frushay - Maybe, Maybe This Time; Pete Mann - I Fooled My Heart; Hugh Barrett - Devils Love; Davey Holt - Pittery Pat; Max K. Lipscomb - Girl Next Door; Joey Cooper - You, That's Who; Danny Stewart - I'll Change My Ways; Paul Little - I Want To Walk With You; Sonney Lowery - Goodbye Baby, Goodbye; Ral Donner - This Night Would Never End; Frankie Allen - Just A County Boy; Leon Everette - Goodbye King Of Rock'n'Roll; Billy & Eddie - The King Is Comin' Back. 

The Complete Ral Donner - Disc one

The Ultimate Elvis Impersonator With His Own Songs From 1959-1962..: The Girl Of My Best Friend; It's Been A Long Long Time; I Didn't Figure On Him; Standing Here; To Love; Nine Times Out Of Ten; Please Don't Tease; School Of Heartbreak; You Don't Know What You've Got; Lonely Star; Nite Owl; You Haven't Lived Until You've Loved; So Close To Heaven; Little Miss Heartbreak; Tears Of Misery; Creampuff; She's My Baby; Turn The Clock Back; With You Now; Please Don't Go

The Complete Ral Donner - Disc two
Pray For Me; I Don't Need You; Bells Of Love; Puddle Of Tears; For Love Nor Money; Your Skies Of Blue; Because Your Young; Juarez; Sweet Heart; Silver & Gold; Half Heaven, Half Heartache; (What A Sad Way) To Love Someone; Loveless Life; She's Everything; Will You Love Me In Heaven; Tell Me Why; That's all Right With Me; And Then; Loneliness Of A Star...

Ral Donner Rip It Up
Rip It Up; Beyond The Heartache; Good Lovin'; All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings; I Got Buried; The Greatest Moment In My Life; Take Me Back; Don't Leave Me Know; Poison Ivy League; The Other Side Of You; Run Little Linda; It'll Make Me Love You More; If You Love Him; So Much Lovin'; Lost; Just A Little Sunshine; If I Had My Life To Live Over; Lovin' Place; I Wish This Night Would Never End; A Tear In My Eye; Love Isn't Like That; You Finally Said Something Good; Don't Put Your Heart In His Hands; If I Promise; The Wedding Song; The Things That Make Up Christmas Day; The Second Day of Christmas

Ral Donner - I've Been Away For Awhile Now - 1935 - 1977
Memories; So High; Old Shep; Trouble; I Need Somebody to Lean on; Blue Moon of Kentucky; My Happiness; That's When Your Heartaches Begin; That's All Right, Mama; I Forgot to Remember to Forget; All Shook Up; When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again; I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone; Heartbreak Hotel; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; Hound Dog; Don't Be Cruel; Mystery Train; Love Me Tender; Loving You; Gotta Lotta Livin' to Do; Jailhouse Rock; King Creole; Don't; Precious Memories; Wooden Heart; A Fool Such as I; One Night; Stuck on You; It's Now Or Never; White Christmas; Blue Christmas; Girls, Girls, Girls; Return to Sender; Follow That Dream; Lawdy, Miss Clawdy; Are You Lonesome Tonight?;  If I Can Dream; In the Ghetto Don't Cry Daddy; Kentucky Rain; Separate Ways; Mama Liked the Roses; Viva Las Vegas; Theme From 2,001 - Opening Riff; See, See Rider; Suspicious Minds; You Gave Me a Mountain; An American Trilogy; Can't Help Falling in Love; Memories (reprise)

A Tribute To The King
Mud - One Night; Carl  Perkins - That's All Right Mama; Little Richard - Hound Dog; Jerry Lee Lewis - What'd I Say; Carl Perkins - All Shook Up; Del Shannon - His Latest Flame; Lloyd Price - Lawdy Miss Clawdy; Carl Perkins - Jailhouse Rock; Little Richard - Money Honey; Rod Stewart - Ain't That Loving You Baby; Guys'n'Dolls - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; Sonny Till & The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel; Johnny Cash - I Forgot To Remember To Forget; Frankie Lane - I Believe; Johnny Cash - I Love You Because; Jerry Lee Lewis - Frankie & Johnny; Gene Autry - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You; The Drifters - My Way.

Elvis Mania Vol. 1

News Cast & Interview With Elvis 1957; You Ruined My Blue Suede Shoes(Roy Hall 56); Dear Elvis Parts 1 & 2(Audrey 56); The Elvis Blues(Otto Bash 56); Don't Blame It On Elvis(The Fabulous McClevertys 56); Heartbreak Hotel(Stan Freberg 56); Elvis Perez(Lalo Guerrero 56); Oh Elvis(Reed Harper & The Three Notes 56); I'm In Love With Elvis Presley(Virginia Lowe 56); My Boy Elvis(Janis Martin 56); Elvis Presley For President(Lou Monte 56); I Wann Spend X-Mas With Elvis(Little Lamdise Penn 56); Hey Mr. Presley(Peter De Bree & The Wanderers 56); Around The World With Elwood Pretzel - Paris Parts1 & 2(Lee Tully With Milt Moss 56); I Want Elvis For Christmas(The Holly Twins 57); Presley On Her Mind(Don Heart 57); Elvis & The Space Looters - Parts 1 & 2 (1957); Bye Bye Elvis(Genee Harris 58); Alright Private(Mo Klein & The Sergeants 58); All American Boy(Bill Parsons 58); Leave My Sideburns Be(Steve Schickle 58); (I Wanna Be) Elvis Presley's Sergeant(The Bobolinks 58); That All American Boy(The Super-Star 58); Marching Elvis(The Greets 58)...

Elvis Mania Vol. 2
Dear 53310761(The Threeteens 58); Don't Knock Elvis(Felton Jarvis 58); I Have Returned(The Unknown-Jimmy Fields 59); The King Is Coming Back(Billy & Eddie 59); When Elvis Comes Marching Home Again(The Sophisticates 60); I'm Hanging Up My Rifle(Bill Parsons 60); The Sock(Valentines 60); The Story Of Elvis Presley(Lim Ford 60); Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight(Dodie Stevens 61); Oh! It Was Elvis(Carmela Rosella 61); I'm Lonesome For You(Paul Randel 61); Hey Memphis(La Vern Baker 61); Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight(Jo Ann Perry 61); My Baby's Crazy About Elvis(Billy Boyle 62); All About Elvis - Parts 1 & 2(P.Q. Rock'n'Roll 63); The Saga Of Elvis Presley(Betty Rilley 64); Elvis Say That Your Mine('Echo' Chambers 65); Tupelo, Mississippi Flash(Jerry Reed 67); I Saw Elvis Last Night(Gary Lewis & The Playboys 69); Goodnight Elvis(The Teardrops 72); The Elvis Presley Express(Carl Perkins 74); I Dreamed I Was Elvis(Sonny Cole 75); Tennessee Hero(Johnny Wakelin 75); Elvis Is The King(Louie Fontaine 77 - Recorded One Month Before Elvis Died).....

Kingtinued - The Voice of Elvis (Dough Church) CD One
La Vida Loca; Tears From Heaven; Smooth; Jump Jive & Wail; Graceland; England's Rose; How Do I Live; Can't Get Enough Of Your Love; I Swear; Friends In Low Places; All My Ex's Live In Texas; Achy Breaky Heart

Kingtinued - The Voice of Elvis (Dough Church) CD Two

Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Have I Told You Lately; Pink Cadillac; Statue Of A Fool; You Light Up My Life; Freeway Free For All; Wind Beneath My Wings; Hush; Candle In The Wind; I Can Help; Mony, Mony; Yesterday; Heart Of Rock And Roll

Dough Church - The Voice Of Elvis
Interview by Capt. Ed Friend (WSBT); His Latest Flame; Interview; That's All Right; Interview; I Just Can't Help Believin'; Interview; Treat Me Nice; Dough Church Impressions (KITT Radio, Shreveport, LA); Interview; Johnny B Goode (live); Burning Love (live); Are You Lonesome Tonight (live); Interview (with impersonation); Commercials for Double Nickle Drive Inn by Dough Church; Interview; end of interview; My Way (live)

King Country - The Voice of Elvis (Dough Church)
Ain't Goin' Down; Seven Spanish Angels; Sweet Home Alabama; Chattahoochie; The Dance; Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues; Love Me; Luchenbach, Texas; I Like It, I Love It; 7 Bridges Road; Always On My Mind; On The Road Again; The Gambler; It's Your Baby, You Rock It; Honky Tonk Angel; The Thunder Rolls

Orion - New Beginning
I Need You In My Life; Lay Around And Love On You; Sunday Farther; America; Never Too Old To Rock and Roll; Sweet Mississippi Memories; Back On The Street; I Can't Get Used To Sleeping With Myself; The Way My Dog Loves Me; Her Memory Just Won't Let Us Lay Down; Down In Mississippi.

Orion - Who Was That Masked Man - disc 1

Moody Blue; Return To Sender; Hurt; Kentucky Rain; It's Now Or Never; Burning Love; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; My Way; Love Me Tender; Can't Help Falling In Love; Mean Woman Blues; Teddy Bear; Hound Dog; That's All Right; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; I Forgot To Remember, To Forget(unreleased); Such A Night(unreleased); Where He Leads Me; Sweet Hour Of Prayer; I Surrender All; Peace In the Valley; It Is No Secret; I Believe; He Touched Me; Softly And Tenderly; Where No One Stands Alone; Just A Closer Walk With Thee.

Orion - Who Was That Masked Man - disc 2
Honey; Billy And Sue(unreleased); The Last Kiss(unreleased); Long Black Limousine(unreleased); Teen Angel(unreleased); Endless Sleep(unreleased); Patches(unreleased); Tell Laura I Love Her(unreleased); Tragedy(unreleased); Ebony Eyes; Rocky(unreleased); Susie Q; Long Tall Sally; Peggy Sue; Rockin' Little Angel; Maybelline(unreleased); Mona Lisa; Lonesome Angel; Midnight Rendezvous; I Hear You Knockin'; Matchbox; I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday; Rockabilly Rebel; Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Memphis Sun.

Orion - Who Was That Masked Man - disc 3
Feelings; Before The Next Teardrop Falls(extended version - unreleased); She Hates To Be Alone(unreleased); Am I That Easy To Forget; Just Out Of Reach; There Ya Go; What Did I Promise Her Last Night; Rollin' With The Flow(unreleased); Green, Green Grass Of Home; Long Black Veil; Faded Love; Crazy Arms; Release Me; Texas Tea; Please Help I'm Falling; Send Me The Pillow You Dream On; He'll Have To Go; Snowbird; I Can't Stop Loving You; I Love You Because; No One Will Ever Know; Old Mexico; Night Of Rain(unreleased); These Sometimes(unreleased); Listen To Daddy.

Orion - Who Was That Masked Man - disc 4
Be Bop A Lula(with Jerry Lee Lewis); On My Knees(with Charlie Rich); Dixie Fried(with Carl Perkins); Gentle As A Lamb(with Charlie Rich); Money(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Break-up(with Charlie Rich); Matchbox(with Carl Perkins); Good Rockin' Tonight(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Gone, Gone, Gone(with Carl Perkins); Sittin' And Thinkin'(with Charlie Rich); Save The Last Dance For Me(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Sweet Little Sixteen(with Jerry Lee Lewis); I Love You Because(with Jerry Lee Lewis); C, C Rider(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Cold, Cold Heart(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Hello Josephine(with Jerry Lee Lewis); It Won't Happen To Me(with Jerry Lee Lewis); What'd I Say(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Good Golly Miss Molly(with Jerry Lee Lewis); Rockin' The Boat Of Love(with Jerry Lee Lewis); You True Love(with Carl Perkins); Put Your at Clothes On(with Carl Perkins - unreleased); Counter Boy(with Johnny Cash - unreleased); Caught In The Middle(with Charlie Rich - unreleased); When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again(with Jerry Lee Lewis - unreleased); Honey Don't(with Carl Perkins - unreleased); Get Rhythm(with Johnny Cash - unreleased); Who Will The Next Fool Be(with Charlie Rich - unreleased); Lonely Street(with Carl Perkins - unreleased); Ballad Of A Teenage Queen(with Johnny Cash - unreleased); Glad All Over(with Carl Perkins - unreleased).

Raised On Elvis - Terry Mike Jeffrey - featuring the Jordanaires
A Fool Such As I; Where No One Stands Alone; That's All Right/Blue Moon Of Kentucky; Unchained Melody; Hurt; Fever; Stand By Me; Mystery Train; Viva Las Vegas; See, See Rider; American Trilogy; Datin'

Raised On Elvis Vol. 2 - Terry Mike Jeffrey
Heartbreak Kid; Young & Beautiful; Swing Down Sweet Chariot; Bossa Nova Baby; Trying To Get To You; One In A Million; One Night; Hound Dog; Treat Me Nice; Devil In Disguise/Mean Woman Blues/Hard Headed Woman; Johnny B. Goode; One Track Heart.

Gary Gibson - Welcome To My World
Got A Thing About You Baby; Danny Boy; Baby I Don't Care; Long Black Limousine; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Separate Ways; Steamroller Blues; Your Right, I'm Left, She's Gone; Let It Be Me; Walk A Mile In My Shoes; Welcome To My World; My Boy

Gary Gibson - God Bless America
American Trilogy; America The Beautiful; If I Can Dream

The Boy Who Would Be King - A Tribute To Elvis Presley Disc 1

A Fool Such As I(El Viz); All Shook Up(Larry Layne); Always On My Mind(El Viz); An American Trilogy(The Notre Dames; Any Way You Want Me(Tommy Parker); Are You Lonesome Tonight(The Hound Dogs); A Big Hunk O'Love(Tupelo Joe); Blue Suede Shoes(Larry Layne & Markiza); Burning Love(Jerry Bilda); Can't Help Falling In Love(Nato Gandhi); Don't Be Cruel(Tupelo Joe); Don't Cry Daddy(Micky Memphis); Fool(The Sun Gods); Girl Of My Best Friend(Jerry Bidla); Good Luck Charm(Blue Suede); Heartbreak Hotel(El Viz); His Latest Flame(The Sun Gods); Hound Dog(The Lord Lucan Quartet); I Got Stung(Windy B. Hind); I Just Can't Help Believin'(El Viz); I Want You, I Need You, I Love You(Rocky Hardplace); I'm Leavin'(Cliff Hanger); I'm Left Your Right She's Gone(Jerry Bilda); If I Can Dream(Larry Layne); If Tou Talk In Your Sleep(The Sun Gods); In The Ghetto(Dee Cember)

The Boy Who Would Be King - A Tribute To Elvis Presley Disc 2
It's Now Or Never(Lord Lucan Quartet); Jailhouse Rock(The Notre Dames); Lawdy Miss Clawdy(Nato Gandhi); Love Me Tender(King Tutt); Moody Blue(Tupelo Joe); My Boy(Micky Memphis); Promised Land(Munich Monsta); Your Cheatin' Heart(El Viz); Return To Sender (Larry Layne); She's Not You(Karbo Hydrate); Suspicion(Tommy Tornado); Suspicious Minds(Wax); Teddy Bear(Fruit Pie Pete); Too Much(The Hound Dogs); Treat Me Nice(The Sun Gods); Until It's Time For You To Go(Blue Suede); U.S Male(Kiss Chase); Way Down(Cliff Hanger); Wear My Ring Around Your Neck(King Tutt); The Wonder Of You(Micky Memphis); You Don't Have To Say You Love Me(El Viz); Wooden Heart(Jery Bidla)

The Boy Who Would Be King - A Tribute To Elvis Presley Disc 3

INTERVIEWS:- The Truth About Me; Mae Axton Interview; Texarkana Interview; Wichita Falls; La Crosse(14th May 1956); Little Rock; Wink Martindale; New Orleans; St. Petersburg

The London Concert Orchestra Plays Elvis
Hound Dog; Are You Lonesome Tonight; Heartbreak Hotel; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; Jailhouse Rock; Love Me Tender; Fools Rush In; Lonesome Railroad; How Great Thou Art; Hawaiian Bells..

Elvis In Paris - Johnny Earl and the Jordanaires
Jordanaires Introduction; Don't; Suspicion; The Girl I Adore; Girl Of My Best Friend; A Fool Such As I; Fame And Fortune; Private Elvis; Solider Boy; Blind Date; Queen Of The Night; Give Me The Right; Crying In The Chapel; Paralysed; Going Home To The USA; Santa's Party; Doin' The Best I Can; I Tried; You're In The Army Now; G.I Rock'n'Roll; Is It So Strange; Lonely Solider Boy; Darling Wait For Me; Faithful And true; Born To Rock

Billy Swan - Like Elvis Used To Do
Mystery Train; Milkcow Blues Boogie; My Baby Left Me; Mean Woman Blues; Blue Moon Of Kentucky; All Shook Up; Heartbreak Hotel; Hound Dog; Wooden Heart; Teddy Bear/A Big Hunk O'Love/Wear My Ring Around Your Neck/I Need Your Love Tonight/Teddy Bear; I Want You, I Need You, I Love You; Viva Las Vegas; Suspicious Minds; Burning Love; Jailhouse Rock/King Creole; Baby I Don't Care; Too Much; I Used To Be James Dean; When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again; Love Me Tender; Memphis Rocks; That's All Right; Baby Let's Play House/I'm Left Your Right, She's Gone/Your A Heartbreaker/Baby Let's Play House

Moods And Moments
Wayne Newton had a song written about a note written by Elvis after his last night at the Hilton Hotel Las Vegas 1976. Elvis wrote a short note of some of the feelings in his head that night, then screwed up the paper and trough it in the bin. One of Elvis' entourage retrieved the note, eventually selling it at auction, Wayne Newton a good friend of Elvis' was intrigued by this note/letter and bought it. then he had a song written around the note. Entitled "The Letter". And it is included on this Album
I Know So; Vital Signs; I Was Losing You; Little Bits And Pieces; Old Loves Never Die; At This Moment; The Music That We Made; Play It Again Sam; Tell Me Who We Are; The Letter.
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