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Elvis Today issue 8
25th Anniversary Edition

I know I said I was never going to review another copy but I had this issue sent to me as it had a rare picture of Elvis in Concert in March 1960 that no one had ever heard about.
So here we have an exclusive, a picture of Elvis on Stage just days after leaving the army. Showing he did tour in 1960?
Well was I shocked when I saw that picture! No I almost fell of my chair; here we have a picture from Tupelo 1956, being passed off as a concert from March 1960. On my god Todd what are you on.
Another thing that caught my attention you still get 50 pages but only 12 pages of text? Forgot how to work a typewriter? What great value for 5.00 an issue, Also page 14 has a great picture of Elvis from '75 "where have I seen that before, oh yes
Issue 1".
Also another double page spread has a BW picture of Elvis' car, and if you look carefully you can just make out Elvis in the top left of the picture, what a waist of space, I remember now why I stopped subscribing to this pile of, (I'll stop here!).