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Elvis Live In Las Vegas
BMG  4 CD set RCA 07863 69354-2

CD One
Running Time 61:54

Las Vegas 24th August 1969 Dinner Show

Well after a few months of wondering was this going to be the same show as "Here I Go Again", at last we now know it's not, already the D.A.E CD has the new date of August 24th Midnight Show.
The concert itself is a little downbeat compared to the above mentioned and other audience recordings from this engagement at the International.
This could be due to the fact Elvis has already done over 45 shows and he was nearing the end of his first stint in Vegas, remember it had been a long time since his early days of touring, so having a slightly off night is not such a sin.
Plus it's been said he had to tone the show down a little especially for the Dinner Shows because of the younger audience. Whatever the reason the show doesn't quite have the powerful explosive Elvis we are used to hearing.
That said it's still a good show and a great addition to my collection. The only downer on this CD and Ernst Jorgensen is going to get a lot of stick for it and that's the "monologue" being shifted to the end of the disc. I can see many CD-R re-edits of this disc, just to correct this irritation. 
The monologue is probably one of the better ones he did, and it should have been left where it was, as it may run for 6: 41 but the time just fly's by.

CD Two
Running Time 67:17

Las Vegas August 11th 1970 Midnight Show
Just a couple more shows to go and well have them all, it's taken over 30 years to get these shows, but it's truly fantastic to finally get these shows on CD.
They are also getting better with every release too, a fair portion of this CD has been released on home video and the 70's Masters box set etc.  That said there is still plenty of new material here, if you close your eyes you can almost picture him on stage. The instrumental vamp on this CD is a treat to hear. But the ultimate is another 110% version of "Suspicious Minds".
"When The Snow Is On The Roses" what a shame this isn't a soundboard recording. But the sound has been cleaned up from the bootleg release.

CD Three
Running Time 67:38

Las Vegas February 1970 & 1972

This one has just the material we have all heard before on "Elvis On Stage Feb 1970" & "Burning Love". But three discs out of four can't be bad.

CD Four
Running Time 73:24

Las Vegas 6th May 1956 & various Vegas shows from August 74 - December 75

The fist Vegas appearance well it is a little out of place but it was his first time in Vegas so it should be here I suppose.
The soundboard recordings from 74-75 are good to have as it gives us something to look forward to on the FTD label. A couple of August 74 shows would be more than welcome in the coming months.
All the August shows from the 74 engagement in Vegas are available on audience recordings and Elvis was in a mid life crisis for choice of better words, as he only got pissed off, if it was said he was strung out.
Elvis put a lot of feeling into these shows, a little more than he should at times but it gave the fans something special, some loved it and some hated it but now over 27 years later these recordings help document Elvis' life in more ways than one.
The 75 shows featured are from March and December and a good selection of tracks.
The "Green, Green Grass Of Home" & "You're the Reason I'm Living" have improved sound compared to the bootleg version released on the "Profile Vol. 2" but it's still not perfect.

This box set isn't going to be on the best seller's list, but still a worthy addition to my collection, as it will be for others. Some will feel short changed but, you got to remember this is BMG not "FORT BAXTER".
But they are learning; maybe next years 25th Anniversary box will blow us all away.
The booklet inside is a little weak too, some of the shots used are terrible quality. The liner notes supplied by Colin Escott, are interesting, starting off with the history of how Las Vegas came to be, a few facts I never new.
Again a thing to remember for the most part these are Soundboard recordings, just a few years ago BMG said they had no intention of releasing this type of material as the quality isn't good enough, remember they sad that years ago. So don't slag off the poor sound on parts of this set.
They are releasing this material because we want more I think than they want to release itů
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