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Andylon Lensen Proudly Presents...
Will Nancy Sinatra Have A Exclusive Interview On Ep.Gold ?

Read more details in the following days on about the great singer / actress  co-star with Elvis Presley in his movie  ""Speedway"" .
2002/07/17 Andylon Lensen /


New FTD Nashville Session Release date: July 23, 2002.

The New FTD  "" The Nashville Session "" ,  will be released on July 23rd, 2002.
The next FTD. will be the best soundboard quality ever released on the FTD series.
Exspected release date is the 3rd week of September, 2002.
2002/07/17  Ernst Jorgensen / Andylon Lensen /


BMG UK & USA has chosen Ep.Gold As The Hotline For New Elvis Releases

BMG UK headquarters of pop music : Charley Stanford and BMG USA: Shari Segalini has chosen as the Hotline
for new Elvis releases.
This means we are able to call them ( anytime personally ) for new updated news on any Elvis chart selling CD 's.
Charley is a fanatic Elvisfan himself , Shari just love Elvis and Brian (assistant) from BMG USA is a great fan.
We welcome them on board and thank them for their support on & the Elvisfans Worldwide.
Again , Charley Stanford ( BMG UK ) would like to express one more time the fact: that the  : "" A litlle Less Conversation "" was NOT deleted  (also stated by him on  July 5t, .2002 ) They had so many pressed and had thousands of extra in stock, that they gave the ORDER to stop the pressing on  "" ALLC "". And since july 5th, 2002, they still have enough to sell for the coming three / four weeks
And yes, even now they are still for sale in the record stores in the UK. So, it has NEVER been deleted.
2002/07/17  Charley Stanford BMG UK / Shari Segalini BMG USA / Andylon Lensen /

EpGold. Interviews Will Hutchins Film Actor As Co-star With Elvis  Presley
In His Movies:"" SpinOut "" And "" Clambake "" .

EpGold is proud to announce that Will Hutchins the famous  film actor who
did two movies with Elvis "" Spinout "" (1966 ) and "" Clambake "", gave
the permission to do a personal interview with him especially for EpGold.
Conducted by Andylon.

Very soon we will first give you a slight detailed biography on Will
Hutchins to get to know him better. Also, what he did in  his past and now
in 2002. Acting career, for television, movies, T.V. series, and now also
for his radio-show.

2002/07/17  Will Hutchins / Andylon Lensen /
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