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Video & DVD Reviews
Welcome Home Elvis
DVD JAT Productions - Dolby Stereo

This new DVD from JAT Productions had me on the edge of my seat when I put in my DVD machine. After all the hype, about the re-mastering of the original newly found copy of the Special. But I was a little disappointed. This presentation of the Sinatra Timex Show is no better picture quality than the Video released in 1997 "Essential Frank Sinatra Show Volume 1" released by Visual.
That said the sound is stunning and the extra bonus features leave the Estate (Elvis one that is) standing. Mind you that wasn't hard to do
The DVD starts with candid pictures and newsreel footage starting in 1956 through to Elvis' homecoming from the army, this has commentary overdubbed just to let you know what was going on. This is followed by the Graceland Press Conference from March 1960. Again not overly impressed with the picture quality.
Then the Welcome Home Elvis "Frank Sinatra Timex Special" this is followed by a few clips of TV cuttings and advertising for the Special, and finally a candid slide show of one colour picture of Elvis per year from 1962 through to 1968 none of which were unusual or rare.
All this on one DVD which makes nice little package just a shame about the picture quality of the special.
Of the bonus footage I thought Joe Tunzi could have done one hell of a lot better, especially with the Slide Show, he could have at least given a sneak preview of his next book/book, maybe that's just me being greedy.
Not bad for a first attempt, lets hope JAT come up with something else on DVD in 2001
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incert with extra footage listed that's not on the DVD
Elvis That's The Way It Is - Special Edition
DVD Warner Brothers
The picture quality is an improvement on the video release of this release, but it does have it's draw backs.
On the interactive menu:

Theatrical Trailer (this is just the old one not the new revamped trailer?)
Elvis Presley Career Highlights (this is just a picture with some blurry text)
Director & Restores Filmographies (well this is just the same format as above)
Scene Access (this is as you would expect of a DVD)
Subtitles (English and French)

Extra Bonus Footage as listed on the inner sleeve no mention on disc (this would have made this DVD)

Everyone by now knows how good this movie is so there is little to be said about it except this is worth getting on Video or DVD, if you live in the UK & Europe you'll still have to wait until the 30th of July for it's official DVD /Video release. Luckily most new VCR's in the UK are duel standard and play the American video's as do most DVD players, so most don't have to wait too if they want it now, it cost with postage from approx. £15.60 to get a copy shipped over and that includes postage..
Let's hope the Lost Performances 2 DVD isn't too far away from a release so we get to see this extra 60 minutes…
Way Down
A Tribute To J.D Sumner

August 1998 Memphis, Tennessee
Picture  (a lot of picture rolls)
Picture Quality (7 out of 10)
Sound Quality (9 out of 10)
Sweet, Sweet Spirit; Something Goods About To Happen; I Believe; The Wonder Of You; If I Can Dream; You'll Never Walk Alone; Funny How Times Slip Away; JD talks and introduces the Stamps; The Lighthouse; His Hand In Mine; Peace In The Valley; How Great Thou Art; My Way; JD talks about his times with Elvis; American Trilogy.

March 1997 Randers, Denmark
Picture  (a few picture rolls)
Picture Quality (9 out of 10)
Sound Quality (9 out of 10)
Did A Little Deeper In Gods Love; I Believe; Hendrik presents J.D with a plaque of the latest Elvis release; How Great Thou Art; The Wonder Of You; JD introduces the Stamps; If I Can Dream; Bridge Over Troubled Water; Funny How Times Slip Away; Sweet, Sweet Spirit; The Lighthouse; Shaun Nielsen joins and sings; Walk With Me; Just A Little Talk With Jesus; And I Love You So; Moody Blue; You'll Never Walk Alone; American Trilogy; JD talks about his times with Elvis; My Way.

This is a camcorder video so it is far from a professional video release, so it is probably a little over priced, for what you are getting, the cover is very basic and printed straight from the computer, which is a shame.
The actual concerts are good J.D has some fun with the audience at Ed Hill's expense in the Memphis show, although this is a piece of Elvis history and should have been recorded professionally, Especially the Memphis show we should count ourselves lucky at least someone tried, and at least for those unable to attend these shows can now watch them on home video.  

Sighting At Graceland "A Call From The King"
Collectors edition part 1
Running time 20 minutes - Ronster Enterprises

Two fans take a trip to Graceland in December 2000, when they returned home and watched the home recorded video tape that they took of that event, they were amazed to see that the image of Elvis' face appeared on his grave in the mediation garden.
Neither of them saw it at the time, but at first thought it may be a hologram produced by the Estate?
The Estate said no they have never even thought of doing anything like that?

This video shows you that very footage, is it a call from Elvis, or just a trick of light that the camera picked up.
Some experts are asked their opinion on the tape, and mostly they are amazed, for all the places for Elvis' image to appear, anywhere else this would have just been laughed off as a hoax or trick of light.

A trick of light it still may be, but it certainly makes you wonder.
This is said to be part one, what's part two going to bring? For the length of the video part two should have been put on with part one.
But that's marketing for you.

Certainly one of the more intriguing Elvis sightings, at least his image wasn't seen in Burger King in Kalamazoo.
Part two I have been informed, if it comes about will be released on DVD

The Real Las Vegas Story
The Complete Story Of America's Neon City
Released by "The History Channel"
Running time 200 minutes
Two DVD set

It's a city larger than life. A city without limits. A glittering mecca of excess and forbidden desires. THE REAL LAS VEGAS tells the fascinating story of this fabled place and the people who created it. From the mobsters who made Vegas into their version of the American Dream to the tycoons of today's family mega-resorts, this is the ultimate insider's tour of America's neon oasis.
THE REAL LAS VEGAS features never before seen footage and rare interviews with luminaries like Alan King, Wayne Newton and Debbie Reynolds, writer Nick Pileggi, entrepreneur Steve Wynn & Howard Hughes frontman Robert Maheu. Tour the incredible casinos of Vegas's world famous trip, and get insider tips on how to beat the odds

This is the liner notes for this two DVD set, and has a few Elvis connections including the signing of the International contract in 1969, a little more footage than we have seen before, this is on disc three, Elvis gets a mention disc one. The best footage is near the end of disc two where you see some unseen film from 1956 with Elvis on stage with a female clown short piece of film but great to see all the same. 
This set contains four programmes originally screened on the History Channel, back in 1996/7 now available on DVD it is an interesting look into the history of Las Vegas, at £17.00 that includes postage from the USA to the UK isn't to bad for this set just a shame there was no more on Elvis, oh not forgetting the last programme ends with Elvis' version of Viva Las Vegas..