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Video & DVD Reviews
Elvis Behind The Image Volume one
Spotlight production
75 minutes
Region "World Wide"

This DVD has had a lot of hype just like the Tunzi one & Bonja DVD, but of the three this one will get a spin on the old DVD player a few times more than normal. The footage is something special, but the advert for Volume two looked even more inviting, some great concert footage from 72 - 74 or there abouts.
The DVD starts with a quick look at Elvis on stage and it is stunning, this is quickly followed by interviews with John Wilkinson, Kathy Westmoreland & Sandi Miller, personally I think if they interacted the three interviews a little. Instead of one after the other it would have been a little better viewing, but still worth a watch, The Elvis-A-Rama museum tour could have been left off but as that was where the interviews took place a little extra advertising oh well?
The best part of the DVD is the unedited candid & Concert footage was and will be watched many times over the coming months, hopefully others will learn from this the footage when they compile a DVD of candid fan footage. It is everything they said it would be. (my only wish there was a little more from Bel Air..
Also having to wait a few months for the Video is just asking for it to be bootlegged, as the fans that don't have a DVD player ain't gonna wait when they hear and see other peoples DVD.

Elvis His Best Friend Remembers
From the private collection of Diamond Joe Esposito
Universal production
130 minutes
Region 1

This DVD may get a miss by many fans with so much coming out on DVD where do you stop, and this one may be it especially if Fans buy the Box set of 16 hours they may think they have had enough of poor old Joe, but this should not be the case.  This DVD is entertaining nothing very revealing but some great photos are included and some candid & new reel footage a clip I haven't seen before but also we are put through some sad impersonators and even weirder fans only in America! But on the whole very enjoyable and reasonably priced at around $9.99.

The Definitive Elvis (8 DVD box set)
Passport production
Region free
875 minutes approx.

This box set has to be said is probably the best account of Elvis' life to date. When I received this box set I must have watched 8 hours solid before switching it off to go to bed, and I can only say buy it today CDNOW.COM seems to be the cheapest place that I could find. It has also been released here in Europe on a 4 DVD set. This set has lots of candid footage great interviews and should be in your collection you won't regret it, let's hope the "Elvis Estate have a look" as they are supposed to be working on the "Ultimate Documentary" the only disc I won't watch again is the last 50 minutes but no documentary would be complete without "All The Kings Disciples; The Fans. (Full & indepth reviews will apear on the net very soon!)
Lilo & Stitch
Walt Disney Production
DVD-R (Import copy)
World-wide region

This cartoon caper had my son ii fits of laughter throughout the picture. Truthfully it's not my thing I have only watched a few minutes here and there when I got shouted at to come and see this bit. But it appear to be in the typical Walt Disney style movie, a little humour, a few songs and the odd tear hear and they're thrown in for good measure.
Luckily I was given a copy of this film as I would not have it or bothered to go and see it at the movies, and I'm sure my son would not hound me to take him, as he isn't an Elvis fan, and it's not something he has asked to watch again.
But great for a rainy day to keep the kids quiet I suppose, what would we do without old Walt.