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CD Reviews BMG & Import Releases
Elvis Dallas Seventy-five - Uncensored
Lonestar Label Vol. 2
CD running time 54:30

Here we go yet another June 75 show released on soundboard, this time we get Dallas June 6th 1975 this show will sound familiar to a lot of fans and is probably going to be the least sought after show, as only a coupe of tracks are unreleased from the show.
As this concert was heavily featured on the BMG box set "Elvis Aron Presley" way back in 1980, then later on the "It's Elvis Time" Fan Club CD from Holland "Elvis Live In Dallas".
Here we get the show unedited and as the title declares uncensored version of the show, listen and see if you notice why T.R.O.U.B.L.E was dropped in favour of the version from Houston the day before.
As with 99% of these June shows the first couple tracks were not recorded by the sound engineer, so this show starts at "I Got A Woman" right trough to the end of the show.

Also with two other June shows on the way, most notable being "Movin' Mobile" June 2nd 1975 this was the first ever Monday afternoon show Elvis gave, to which he mentions the fact at the beginning of the show. A clip of this show can be heard on the CD "Livestock Live". Again Elvis is in fine form.

The other June show about to see the light of day from 75 is "A Capital Performance" Jackson 8th June Evening Show. It would have been better if the Afternoon Show was to be released as I feel it's is a slightly better show with more talking from Elvis, but the way things are going we wont have to wait to long before it appears.

Back to Dallas, not a great deal can be said that hasn't already been said about this show over the years. This is Elvis in good humour and fine voice, so get a copy if you can. It's always better to get the complete show (well complete as it can be) than the hacked up job we got from BMG back in 1980.
One final thing mentioned on the CD's back cover the next release from "Lone Star" is from the previous day in Houston on the 5th only thing there, is that this show has already been released on CD under the title "Texas Tornado" on the Platinum label. But with the limited distribution a lot of import CD's have, a couple variations of the same show does no harm and it gives fans a chance to at least get the show, as this has happened on a few releases in the past and will no doubt happen in the future.
Happy New Year From Pontiac 1975
Quality Music Inc 001
CD one 73:10
CD two 61:41
For the first time on CD we get a complete Elvis show from opening acts through to Elvis' closing number, it's just a shame that it had to be this show, as the first two acts were as one fan put it "useless and offensive". The first was a country-bluegrass the other a pop rock group, both groups were reported to be on the RCA recording label, which would be the reason they were used, if so did RCA commit the show to Soundboard?
But here you get to make up your own mind, on just how good these two groups are, the sound isn't as good as the main show it's self. One good point is all this is kept to one track so you can skip from opening acts straight to the show its self.
The sound here is a vast improvement from the Double bootleg LP that released many, many years ago.
The show it's self was a good show Elvis ripped the seat of his pants so had to change suits, getting the "Stamps" to do "Sweet, Sweet Spirit". At the stroke of midnight we get Elvis' first rendition of "Auld Lang Syne" and towards the end of the show Elvis attempts "Wooden Heart" but looses it a little. 
Much has been written about Elvis two "New Years Eve's Shows" and it nice to have them both available in reasonable sound to listen to.
Catch the show if you can………
Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1 & 2
Cool Romeo
CD one 55:03/CD two 63:37/CD three 54:21/CD four 53:00/CD five 53:52/CD six 58:14/CD seven 51:51

For the second time fans are in a quandary weather to buy this set from "Cool Romeo", the first set "Celluloid Rock" had it's problems getting released and made it a collectors item and made the price shoot through the roof.
This time for around £100.00/$150.00 you can own this new set, but is it really worth it. I for one would say yes, not because I have the first set which did sway me a little, but the sound on a lot of tracks is by far an improvement to what we have had before.
For example the album "Totally Stung" gave us some terrific take from the 50's, but only a few. Before that we had the albums "I Got Stung & I Beg Of You" which in there day were good, but now on this set they are in the same quality as "Totally Stung".
The same goes for the 60's tracks all out before but again on CD's such as "The Nashville Sessions 1 & 2" which in parts had a lot of hiss & distortion but here in the quality that we have now been accustomed to.
The only down side to the set is a couple of Take no.'s being wrong stating takes 6 & 7 when it's just take 6 which would be the master take with a false start, this happens two or three times, but as Ernst Jorgensen said we should know this anyway..

An above average release, that will get more of a spin than "Celluloid Rock" so thanks "Cool Romeo"

Unsurpassed Masters - Box 1 Volume 1: I love you because (4 takes) / That's all right / One sided love affair/ Lawdy Miss Clawdy (take 1/4) / I need your love tonight (take 1/18)
Volume 2: A big hunk o' love (take 1/4) / Ain't that loving you baby (take 1/11) / A fool such as I (take 1/9) / I got stung (take 1/23)
Volume 3: Milky white way (take 1/7) / His hand in mine (take 1/5) / I believe in the man in the sky (take 1/4) / He knows just what I need (1/10) / Surrender (1/4)
Volume 4: Surrender (5/7) / Mansion over the hilltop / In my father's house (take 8) / Joshua fit the battle (take 4) / Swing down sweet Chariot (take 4) / I'm gonna walk dem golden stairs (take 1) / If we never meet again (take 1) / Known only to him (take 5 & 2) / Crying in the chapel (1/3) Working on the building (take 1,2,5) / Fame and fortune / That's someone you never forget (take 7) / I'm yours
Unsurpassed Masters - Box 2 Volume 5: I'm comin' home (takes 1&7) / Gently (take 1/6) / In your arms (take 1-2) / Give me the right (take 1/4) I feel so bad (take 1-2) / It's a sin (1/4)
Volume 6: I want you with me (take1-2) / There's always me (1/10) / Starting today (1/3) / Sentimental me (take 1-2) / Judy (1/8) / Put the blame on me (take 1/5)
Volume 7: Something blue (take 3,4,6,7) / Gonna get back home somehow (3/7) / Easy question (take 5) / Fountain of love (take 9,10) / Just for old time sake (take 5) / Night rider (take 5) / You'll be gone (take 3) / You'll be gone/ South of the border (take 4) / I feel that I've known you forever (take 5) / Just tell her Jim said hello (take 3/5) / Suspicion (take 5) / She's not you (take 3)
For The First Time Ever
Label: Sound Stream
43:20 minutes

This CD was supposed to be released with the book of the same name but was scrapped last minute due to legal problems, but now some enterprising soul has taken upon them selves to produce a CD-R of the CD. Which I must say they have done a very good job as you can see by the CD & covers.
The sound too is spot on just a shame it's a CD-R, but in the Elvis world we have learned we can't have everything.