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CD Reviews BMG & Import Releases
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America The Beautiful
CD Single BMG
running time 9:03

BMG release after a little coaxing from the Elvis fans and Elvis' first Enhanced CD with video footage added. This kind of CD is second nature to singles & albums these days, it's just a shame it took a terrorist attack to get a half-decent single release for Elvis from the record company that he has been with since the fall of 1955. As usual Elvis is always left to his loyal fans to buy his singles, as it's only them and BMG that know about then when they get released, as no advertising is done to promote his releases.

BMG have there reasons for not promoting Elvis as they say he sells himself, but just looking state side and Elvis entering the top 100 at No. 8 don't this say something?
But again will BMG listen and look I think notů
Anyway back to the single, everyone should buy this release as it is for a good cause, and it hopefully will lead to other releases of this nature (Enhanced CD) that is.. 

Back In The Garden - Elvis The Concert
running time CD one 52:08 CD two 49:20

This another in the long line of home recordings of "Elvis The Concert". The overall sound on this release is not as good as a few of the recent ones but still well above average and easy on the ear.
This show is one of the more historic releases as it was recorded at "Madison Square Garden" in New York on the 10th of August 2001. Great little keepsake for the fans who attended the show or fans who collect this type CD. But this really is a case of once you've heard one you've heard them all
Big Boss Guitar Man
running time 65:26

Here is a CD for the completist as on this CD-R you get some unreleased takes plus here you get them all together on one CD too. The sound is good but not perfect on some takes but hey what do you expect?
My only fault that I find is the tracks aren't in recording date order? Strange? Jumping from 1967 back to '66 then off to '68, the back to '67. Oh well I can always re-edit!