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CD Reviews
Import Releases
Cajun Tornado
Madison CWP 05
CD 1 running time 69:05
CD 2 running time 63:33

This release has been a long time coming, many fans thought it was never going to see the light of day.
As with all other "Madison" releases this is first class in presentation, the booklet has a selection of candid and on stage shots all from around the time of the recordings, also sleeve notes from Johnny Savage, dated February 2001, was it that long ago. Johnny's sleeve notes this time give more an over view to the CD's picking out a few highlights you will hear.
The sound is better than previous releases, and Elvis is in good form in all shows, it's just a shame these are all incomplete.
This is a must have CD as it really shows Elvis having fun and enjoying himself on stage in the last three years of his life, there have been a fair number of '75 shows released on soundboard of late, with more to follow.
Many may say once you have heard one or two you've heard them all, well this may be true, but this is Elvis and to me no two shows were the same so "Madison" keep em' coming.
NB note for "The Madison Label" how about a box set like the old profile sets from "Baxter"?

If I Can Dream - Attack On America
No Label CD-R
CD running time 43:36

The bootleg version of the Official BMG release in aid of the New York attack by Terrorist's in the USA on September 11th.
This CD-R contains 13 tracks three of which are by Elvis "American Trilogy, America The Beautiful & If I Can Dream" all songs have inserts of news sound bits from the September 11th attack. From President Bush and other newscasters, throughout the music, with the exception of Elvis' version of "America The Beautiful". This is a strange CD but it will be a lasting imprint of that tragic day for those who need the reminder. Play it once and
Rocking With The King - April Fools Day 1975
Fool Records
CD 1 running time 52:24
CD 2 running time 62:17

This CD set is an audience recording of Elvis' final Vegas shows from his March/April engagement in Vegas of 1975. Both have been released before on boot CD so this is really only for the fans who don't have these shows, the Dinner Show has very good sound, and the Closing show has average sound for an audience recording but is the better show..

Elvis Presley - Memphis Sessions
FTD Label
CD running time 74:14

A real treat for the fans this one, after all the bootleg releases over the years from this historic session in 1969 we get a complete album from BMG in full glorious stereo, most takes have been out before but there is still a few unreleased gems. Plus the sound factor compared to the boot CD's.
This one will be spun a few times over the coming weeks.
A complete box set of this material from BMG/FTD would be great, with a booklet containing session notes etc, but maybe we'll have to wait for the bootleggers for that one, a seven CD set would be nice, oh well I can but dream……

You've Lost That Loving Feeling
Audionics' Label
CD running time 67:30

Yet another audience recording hitting the streets this time continuing on from "Double Dynamite" & "From Vegas To Macon" both from the old "Rock Legend label". This outing has the Midnight show from the 21st August 1970. It has good sound but not as good as the aforementioned released, but a great show all the same, the most irritating thing about this CD is the females in front of the mike, oh well we can't have everything. You can tell there has been a lull in Soundboard releases with all these Audience recordings surfacing, some fans like them some hate them, to me if the sounds good why not, they certainly beat audio tapes. And compared to "Elvis At The Dome" this is fantastic..