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The Eagle Has Landed
Label: Moon TEHL P7362512433
Houston, Texas - June 4th 1975
2001 Theme; C, C Rider; I Got A Woman/Amen; Love Me; If You Love Me Let Me Know; Love Me Tender; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel; Hound Dog; The Eyes Of Texas (2 Lines); The Wonder Of You; Burning Love; Introduction/Johnny B.Goode/School Days; Why Me Lord; How Great Thou Art; Let Me Be There; American Trilogy; Funny How Times Slip Away; Little Darling; Mystery Train/Tiger Man; Can't Help Falling In Love
Sound ++++++
Hofheinz Pavilion               
Memphis Indian                         
This new release from the new "Moon" label is a welcome companion to the FTD "Dixieland Rocks"
This tour has had its fare share of Soundboard releases over the years, let's hope we eventually see the whole tour released on CD.

As most fans know, almost all of the shows from this tour were recorded on soundboard, some more complete than others of course. As with this one the first couple tracks are lifted from other releases, as the sound engineer didn't record the beginning?
Some fans don't like the idea of the editing of tracks just to make a show more complete, but hey BMG has done it for years.
Lets just be thankful we have something new on CD (well not so new if you count the Boot CD  "Deep Down In Texas" released in '95 that was a poor audience recording from this show) but back then soundboards were just springing to life on the import market.

This CD is not to be missed if you enjoy listening and collecting these Soundboards you really will enjoy it, as Elvis is in fine voice.

Please don't ask me for this CD as I only have my copy, you'll have to find your own, but you better be quick before they sell out!!

Enjoy ;-)

Too Hot To Handle
Label HOT
Running Time 61:58
This 20 track CD has very little information regarding what's new & what's unreleased, there is no take No.'s or anything about any being undubbed, re-mixed or new vocals etc.. this is a big let down.
The sound is very good throughout. Still this isn't really enough for me, this material after all is for the collectors, so we should be given more information and if they can't give it then please say so, on the sleeve!

The first track on the CD and probably the best is an overdub of "Tomorrow Night" from the Sun recordings this was overdubbed in March of 1965. The only other track worth a note at this time is a weird duet of "Spanish Eyes" again it would be nice to know where that came from?
So what you see on the sleeves is what you get, nothing much considering the title "Too Hot To Handle" implying this was going to be cause a big stir, a little like the "Whole Lotta Shaking Going On" CD from a few years ago. I don't think so some how, to me this seems like a re-vamp and upgrade of the old "Rough Cut Diamonds" that first came out on LP remember them?
I was expecting a lot more from this release. One other annoying thing most tracks are cut short of normal running time?