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Last Train To Memphis
Chosen by Time Magazine as one of the Best non-fiction books of 1994 In Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley, Peter Guralnick gives us a vivid portrait of the artist as a young man -- but a young man with a difference. Elvis Presley had nothing in his background or education even to suggest what an artist he might be, and yet he helped to create an art form that changed the world. It is the triumph of Elvis Presley that is the subject of this book, and it is the triumph of this book to present a story of almost epic sweep and dimension in the most intimate and believable of terms. This is a story about Elvis Presley and his music, the world that he came out of, and the revolution that he made. This is not the Elvis Presley of tabloid headlines and talk show notoriety, a caricatured figure of equal parts scandal and derision. Nor is the subject of this book the "myth" of Elvis Presley. Last Train to Memphis is about a real person and a real process! a young man who at 19 emerges as a full-blown artist to the wonder and astonishment of his friends and the world. It is a remarkable story with revelations on every page -- but they are quiet revelations, revelations of character and incident: they suggest where the music came from and how the music was made, they give us tales of bold artistic leaps within the context of a mid-twentieth century America that is brought vividly, remarkably to life. Time Warner Electronic Publishing is proud to bring you an excerpt about the pivotal time in Elvis' life, July and September of 1954, when his dreams began to come true. Read from the chapter entitled "That's All Right," and find out the truth about: how guitarist Scotty Moore was asked to try out a young, nervous Elvis Presley their first jam session in Moore's house and his reaction how at the pivotal first recording session, nothing seemed work out until Elvis spontaneously began to sing "That's All Right [Mama]" how the chemistry suddenly and dramatically became apparent about Dewey Phillips: the charismatic local DJ who broke "That's All Right" the response to Elvis' rendition of "That's All Right" the first night it was played on the radio and the rush to get the B side to the record
A 2 Tape collection of the Audio transcript of the famous book Priced 6.00.
The Complete Book 6 Tapes a full 18 hours of listening 14.00 (Full instructions on how to use the tapes comes with the package, as Left & Right channels are used on each tape to give each tape a playing time of 3 hours approx.)

Careless Love - The Unmaking Of Elvis Presley
The long-awaited Second Half of Peter Guralnick's Elvis Biography Peter Guralnick's critically acclaimed, best-selling1994 Elvis biography, LAST TRAIN TO MEMPHIS, THE RISE OF ELVIS PRESLEY, covered Elvis' life from birth, through his early stardom, until he shipped out to Germany in 1958 as a soldier in the U.S. Army. Now, the biography is completed in a second volume
Beginning with Presley's army service in Germany in 1958 and ending with his death in Memphis in 1977, Careless Love chronicles the unravelling of the dream that once shone so brightly, homing in on the complex relationship between Elvis and his Machiavellian manager Colonel Tom Parker
It's a breathtaking drama of the American dream, encompassing race, class, wealth, sex, music, religion and passion, Careless Love is a fascinating look into one of the most misunderstood people of our time, and into the very nature of success
Read by J. Charles
4 Audio's approx. 6 hours abbreviated version 12.00
9 Audio's The complete Book 28 hours 27.00 (Full instructions on how to use the tapes comes with the package, as Left & Right channels are used on each tape to give each tape a playing time of 3 hours approx.)

The Boy Who Would Be King - An Intimate Portrait Of Elvis By His Cousin
2 Audio Set 6.00 per set: -
"Thoughtful, Honest.. Hits With The Force of Truth" ..- The New York Times
An Intimate Portrait of Elvis Presley by his Cousin Earl Greenwood and Kathleen Tracy.. Read by Earl Greenwood.
Until now, Elvis Presley's family history and early years have remained largely unexplored. In "The Boy Who Would Be King" , Earl Greenwood probes the life and legend of Elvis from a unique perspective. As Elvis' first cousin, he grew alongside the young performer, later acting as press agent and confidant. Greenwood reveals personal insights and shared family secrets to paint a stunningly intimate and candid portrait of Elvis Presley from his boyhood in rural Tupelo, Mississippi, through his skyrocketing success and tragic death. Here are fascinating details and anecdotes known only to an intimate family member.. Elvis' wildest dreams.. his secret Hollywood romances.. his most desperate struggles.. his incredible life. This compelling biography gives another, different, more honest, more loving look at the boy who became the King of Rock'n'Roll

The Elvis Story - BBC Radio Parts 1-3
The BBC Radio's Tribute to Elvis Presley tracing the life and times of the King Of Rock'n'Roll tape one has the first of 3 programs total running time for the programme is 3 hours. Guests include "Cliff Richard, Charlie Hodge, Leiber & Stoller and many others.

Rock & Roll Superstar 18th October 1974
60 minutes. Begins with a medley of hits, and special guest John Wilkinson. He remembers opening night in 1969 and that first night. And he tells how Elvis ran and hid after the fist show. He is asked when Elvis first contacted him, and how James Burton put the band together. And how Elvis is now touring the USA and how a show in Richmond, where the fans attached the stage and John said there was around 2000 fans heading for the stage, and how they got him and Charlie out and off the stage. John explains how Elvis always thinks of others before himself, and how he just enjoys the work he does. Includes excerpt from Madison Square Garden press conference.

The Legend Of A King.
A 2 Hour U.S Radio Programme About The Life & Times Of Elvis. First Released In 1980. But Updated In 1989. Text from CD insert:- From the very beginning, we wanted ELVIS: THE LEGEND OF A KING to be something very special--a warm, personal "story" that would genuinely reflect the Elvis experience and share his legacy with the people of every generation--and a myth-busting documentary that would earn the respect of an encumbered Elvis community as it struggles to set the record straight. We are sincerely thankful for the generous co-operation of the Presley family members and friends and are proud to say that our "legend" has indeed, been "popularly accepted" by broadcasters, critics and fans in all walks of the Elvis world. Nine years ago, the "Happiness Is..." Fan Club of Atlanta said that ". . .already the radio show is considered a classic," and renown Elvis Publisher Ger Rijff (TUTTI FRUTTI PRODUCTIONS, Amsterdam, Holland)(Also Bilko/Fort Baxter) recently wrote. "It is by far the best radio show I've heard." The first "LEGEND" was a two-hour local production for KSTN in Stocton, California (August 21, 1977) under super fan P.D Dave Morgan. The three-hour version aired nationally on the RKO RADIO NETWORK(now UNISTAR RADIO NETWORK) in August of 1980 and immediately established a good "rep" for it's mixture of dramatic narration and investigative reporting. We reproduced the show for the 1982 syndication and scooped everybody with Larry Geller's bombshell about the Presley family's private autopsy report. Then with the addition of an expanded segment on ELVIS IN THE 80's, the 1985 syndication included a special pressing by the ARMED FORCES RADIO & TELEVISION SERVICE for their world-wide network. Version IV (1986) was, for me, a personal victory, when we were finally able to present the first broadcast interview with mysterious SUN drummer JOHNNY BERNERO and give credit where credit was long overdue. But the program you have in your hands is the real killer. We opted to trim it musically (to accommodate a heavier commercial load) but every once of the "meat" has been technically "seasoned" for compact disc. There's a lot of new production, including fresh GORDON STOKER cuts to replace all the phoners. (So there you have a little back ground to this release) Includes HIS MUSIC ..26 songs in true mono and full Stereo from the best discs and CD's available. HIS STORY.. featuring Joan Deary, D.J Fontana, Larry Geller, Jake Hess, Charlie Hodge, Marty Lacker, Malcolm Leo("This Is Elvis"), Scotty Moore, Bob Neal, Col. Tom Parker, Minnie Pearl, Dee Presley, Vester Presley, Jerry Reed("Guitar Man"), Billy Smith, Gordon Stoker, J.D Sumner, Ray Walker, Hall Wallis and more over 140 minutes This package is available on 2 tapes for 6.00

Star Profile Unofficial Audio Biography
20th Anniversary 53 Minute Audio Documentary. This documentary provides a whole new means of communicating news and views of Elvis Presley and his fans, packed with original interviews. This release is a unique and informative insight to a Rock'n'Roll legend, a must for every fan

The Elvis Presley Story 13 Parts each One hour
In 1971 "The Elvis Presley Story" hit the air waves. Originally a 12hr radio documentary, giving the Elvis fans the first complete insight in the life and career of the most exciting entertainer of the 20th century "ELVIS PRESLEY".
Produced by Water Mark INC., narrated by Wink Martindale and story content based on the best selling book "ELVIS" by Jerry Hopkins, this program came second to none, in providing the Elvis fans with informative interviews with family and friends who had worked with Elvis through the years, thus allowing one to hear the master at work through his musical journey in chronological order, and allowing one to listen to insightful interviews of Elvis himself.
As mentioned, 1971 was the year this program became available for the first time as a 12hr radio documentary, in 1975 the program was updated with new information and song, making it a 13hr program. In 1977 the program was rearranged to adapt the program to Elvis' premature death, with adding and taking away information to update the year to 1977, leaving the documentary still a 13hr program.
In 1997 restoring the documentary started, with combining the 1975 and 1977 versions together.

Earth News - for the week August 29th 1977
12.. 5 minute segments featuring Elvis songs and interviews, much of which never before commercially released. Contains various live 1956 recordings, excerpts from "Elvis Sails" & The Truth About Me" also a selection of songs about Elvis. 2 5 minute segments to be played daily over 6 Days. Also included Ed Ripley Interview From 1956 & 1st July Hy Gardener Interview.

"The Day The Music Died"
Newscast "We Interrupt this program"; CBS News report; Newsroom special bulletin; Reporter Talks to Joe Esposito shortly after Elvis' death; Radio excerpt including fan comments; Newscast including reaction by Sammy Davis Jr. on the death of Elvis; Reactions from the public & T.J Sheppard part 1; Reactions from T.J Sheppard part 2; CBS newscast including '56 Elvis interview; Autopsy report news update; Recitations of the story that the police are investigating drugs are the cause of death; Another rectification about the investigation on the drugs as the cause of death; people calling the radio station with their reactions "is it really true"?; Radio show excerpt including speculations on the cause of death; fans calling the radio station telling their feelings & thoughts; Channel 7 & ABC news report; Bing Crosby & Chuck Berry with their reactions on the death of Elvis; Vernon Presley thanks al Elvis fans for their great support.

Elvis Is Dead - Radio Luxembourg 17th August 1977
Recorded The Night following Elvis' Death.. Teddy Bear; Phone In; Are You Lonesome Tonight; DJ Talking; Surrender; DJ; Welcome To My World; Phone In; Help Me Make It Through The Night; Phone In (1:30am - 2:00am Aug 17th 1977. Release Me; Phone In; I Really Don't Want To Know; Phone In; For The Good Times; DJ; Phone In; Hard Headed Woman; DJ; King Creole; DJ..(2:15am - 2:45am Aug 17th 1977)

Elvis Is Dead - Radio Luxembourg 17th August 1977
Part 2 from 2:40am - 3:45am

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 1
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with Bob Neil, Elvis' first official manager, remembers Elvis, Wolfman Jack, remembers seeing Elvis in Vegas 69 and meeting him back stage. Bo Diddley talks about the Elvis wiggle and how it was him who started it. Chet Atkins recalls Elvis splitting his pants during one of his first RCA recording sessions. Floyd Cramer, remembers Elvis

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 2
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with Chuck Berry, talking about their music and how Elvis opened it up for everyone. Mark Boldman, how Elvis inspired him. Ben Weisman, on how he first met Elvis on the set of Loving You. Joe South, talks about how Elvis opened the guitar making world, because once Elvis used it everyone wanted one.

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 3
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with Memories of Hawaii and his 61 Benefit show, and a Tom Jones Concert. Mickey Dolan & Dave Jones of The Monkees talk about the influence of Elvis Presley. Glen Campbell, remembers Elvis, and did session work for Elvis in the 60's

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 4
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with Buck Owens, talks about the influence Elvis had on him. Bobby Vee, shares his thoughts on Elvis, and the impact of his music. Chubby Checker remembers his meeting with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel in the mid-seventies.

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 5
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with James Brown and his impression of the Elvis legend. Bobby Vinton talks about his first meeting with Elvis. Johnny Rivers talks about the influence Elvis had on him and how he saw him in 1957. Claude Hall of Billboard magazine gives his views on Elvis. Ray Stevens talks about Elvis' contribution to the music world.

Elvis - 6 hour radio special tape 6
Documenting Elvis' career through interviews, and his songs, with Jimmy Clayton remembers his tour of Graceland with Elvis. Billy Joe Royal remembers his meeting with Elvis at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1972. Brenda Lee remembers Elvis and what he has done for the world of music. Joe Tex talks about his memories with Elvis and his meting in the Burbank Studios in 1968

W.T.T.M Rockin' Ron Cade with Elvis And Friends & George Klein - 26th February 1983
90 minute phone in show with George Klein he answers the fans questions from recording information to his love life.

Rockin' Ron Cade with Elvis And Fiends - 17th February 1979 - 2 tape set
2 hour show of Elvis music and requests show. Features the new release "Our Memories Of Elvis". And he mentions it's not actually released yet.

A.F.R.T.S - Elvis Special The History Of Rock'n'Roll
Elvis The Man and the legend, with Sam Philips who remembers Elvis' first record. Hank Snow remembers how Elvis got onto the Grand O'l Opry, and his early tours. Conway Twitty talks about the Elvis influence. Elvis interviewed about Heartbreak Hotel & his Hollywood career and juvenile delinquency. Clip from Elvis Sails. Rare clip from 1961 in Hawaii. Brian Wilson the manager of the Beach Boys remembers Elvis. Bones Howe shares his memories of the 68 TV Special. Pat Boone remembers Elvis. Bill Miller remembers booking Elvis' comeback to the Vegas Strip. General publics reaction to Elvis' death. 90min

The Stan Major Show with Albert Goldman - 22nd October 1981
60 minutes - Stan has a phone conversation with Mr. Goldman, and basically calls Goldman a parasite, to which he hangs up, short but sweet. Then he goes into the book and the amazing amount of gossip and hear say but almost all deny even talking to him. And nowhere in the book do you get direct quotes, with no one saying I say this or I saw that, and said if you like the National Enquirer you'll love this. An open forum follows this on this subject, this gets heated at points.

Elvis Presley: - Still The King - August 1987 WXRX 92.3 FM. NEW YORK. - two tapes 6.00 set
3hour tribute radio show from New York hosted by Jim Bridges, this special looks at Elvis' career but mainly the early years, but still very interesting with some celebrities talking about how Elvis influenced them, includes interview with Beetles "Ringo Starr" the day after there meeting with Elvis in 65. Plus a telephone call with a Memphis Radio DJ and Vernon Presley the Day Elvis Died.

W.S.C.Q. West Columbia. "Memories of Elvis" 1998. Hosted by Randy Davis - two tape set
With David Briggs, who talks about his work on the "Elvis Medley". D.J Fontana talks about how he first met Elvis on the Hayride and the move from Sun to RCA also the early movies and some of the wild tours. Gordon Stoker remembers how Elvis first went to see them and his TV appearances and how Millie Kirkham joined the studio sessions. Chet Atkins remembers how he first recorded Elvis in 1956, and Colonel Parker and his way of promoting in the early days. Gordon Stoker remembers the early 60's recording sessions, and how they played as well as sang back up. Glen Campbell remembers meeting Elvis in 56 and then again when he worked on the recording session of Viva Las Vegas. David Briggs remembers his first session with Elvis and having to do Love Letters. Jerry Reed talks about the songs he wrote and Elvis recorded. Darlene Love and her work with Elvis on the 1968 TV special. Ronnie Milsap remembers the 1969 sessions in Memphis. David Briggs also remembers the June 1970 session in Nashville and how Elvis used to just sing old songs to loosen up. Also the 1973 Stax sessions. Tony Brown remembers Elvis' last session recorded at Graceland. Jerry Reed remembers the re-recording of Guitar Man.

ELVIS, A World of Music & Friends - 4 CD set
Introduced by George Michael, and while containing many Elvis tracks it also contains interviews with Knox Phillips, Scotty Moore, D J Fontana, The Jordanaires, Ton Jones, Felton Jarvis, Priscilla Presley, Marty Lacker, Hal Wallis, Freddie Bienstock, Charlie Hodge, Lamar Fike, Joe Esposito, Richard Davis, Jerry Schilling, Myrna Smith, Alan Fortas, Carl Perkins, Chips Moman & Dr Hoffman

Charlie Hodge Talks - to the fans 1981
Echoes: Stuart Coleman - with Freddy Bienstock 15th August 1981 (60 minutes)
Guitar Greats: Scotty Moore 9th January 1983 (60 minutes)
Guitar Greats: James Burton 16th January 1983 (60 minutes)
Record Collector: with Roger Semon from BMG
Echoes: Stuart Coleman - with Shakin Stevens (60 minutes)
Echoes: Stuart Coleman 15th January 1985 (60 minutes)
Echoes: Stuart Coleman - with D. J Fontana 1987 (60 minutes)
Echoes: Stuart Coleman - with Marty Wild 16th August 1987 (60 minutes)
Echoes of 1958: Stuart Coleman January 1988 (60 minutes)
Echoes: Stuart Coleman - with the Jordanaires 23rd February 1991 (60 minutes)

K Earth 101 - Elvis - two tape set
2 tape set tribute show with none stop Elvis songs

1988 "Memories Of Elvis" 180 Minutes WYNY 97.1 FM New York - two tape set
3 hour show from New York's Country Radio station featuring the artists who worked with Elvis through the years, including, David Briggs, D.J Fontana, Gordon Stoker, Tony Brown, Glen Campbell, and a few others, lots of impute from these stars with there memories of working with Elvis

7th January 1990 "Elvis Presley Birthday Tribute" 4 hours WCBS 101.1 FM New York - three tape set
4 hour tribute programme from New York, featuring the Writers of the biggest hits sung by Elvis, including. Bill Monroe, Ray Charles, Leiber and Stoller, Ben Weisman, Jerry Reed, Mac Davis and Many More

7th January 1990 "Elvis On The Air" 4 hours WYNY 103.5 New York - three tape set

Bob Rock and Steve Christopher, phone in with requests and questions on the life and times of Elvis Presley. Includes a catch out Steve with the an Elvis song if he doesn't have it you get $10,000 in cash, a little one sided.

8th January 1989 "Live From Graceland" 4 hours WCBS 101.1 FM New York- three tape set

Hosted by George Klein in Memphis, the complete show broadcast from Graceland guests include, Col. Tom Parker, Jerry Schilling, Jerry Lee Lewis and many More, interesting tapes

1992 "60's Legends" sponsored by MasterCard.
Part one 90-minute looks at the 60's music of Elvis, with input from Leiber & Stoller, Gordon Stoker, Mac Davis and many more, includes interview with Colonel Parker from 1956. Interesting listening but nothing new.

Six Hour Radio Tribute "Creative Radio Network" Elvis 15th Anniversary August 16th 1992 Hosted by Lance LeGault & special guest Joe Esposito
CD ONE: 2001 Opening, Old Shep, music montage, Elvis 15th music fades, Elvis monologue from "On Tour". That's When Your Heartaches Begin". "My Happiness", Elvis Clip, Sam Phillips, Scotty Moore, "That's All Right". Elvis clip, "Baby Lets Play House", Louisiana Hayride clip. Bob Neal, Johnny Cash,  "Johnny B. Goode". Johnny Cash, Dorsey Brothers clip, "Good Rocking Tonight". Elvis Clip, "Hard Headed Woman". Milton Berle clip, Steve Allen clip, "Don't Be Cruel". Ray Green clip, "Shake Rattle and Roll". Elvis clip, Comeback Special clip. "Trouble", "Long Tall Sally" RUNNING 50:00
CD TWO; Montage #2. "Treat Me Nice", George Klein clip, Elvis clip, "Heartbreak Hotel". Elvis clip, "Devil In Disguise". "Return To Sender". "Moody Blue". Elvis clip. "Any Way You Want Me". "Don't". Alabama Dairy Show clip, "The Wonder Of You". Elvis Clip, "Love Me". "Love Me Tender". Ed Sullivan clip. Charles Laughton clip. Ed Sullivan clip. "Too Much". Elvis clip,  "Viva Las Vegas". "My Babe". "Money Honey". RUNNING TIME 50:20
CD THREE: "I Got A Woman". "You're a Heart Breaker". Johnny Cash clip, "Down By The Riverside" from the million dollar quartet sessions. Colonel Parker clip. "A Big Hunk O'Love". T.J Sheppard clip. "One Night Of Sin". Elvis clip. "Double Trouble". "Loving You". "Tutti Frutti" Pat Boone part. Elvis clip. "I Need Your Love Tonight" Elvis Clip. "G.I Blues". Eddie Fadal clip. "Didja Ever" Elvis clip. "Rags To Riches". Elvis Clip. "Hurt". "Peace In The Valley". "I Believe". RUNNING TIME 50:20
CD FOUR: Elvis clip. "Teddy Bear". Elvis clip. "The Last Farewell". Joe Esposito clip. "Frankfurt Special". Elvis clip. "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You". "Young & Beautiful". "Wooden Heart". Elvis clip. "All Shook Up". Elvis clip. Frankie Avalon clip. "Stuck On You". "It's Now Or Never". Joe Esposito clip. "Are You Lonesome Tonight". Joe Esposito clip. "Long Tall Sally". "Rock A Hula Baby". Elvis Clip. "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again". "Loving You". Ben Wiseman clip. "Gotta Lot O'Livin' To Do". Ben Wiseman clip. RUNNING TIME 50:20
CD FIVE: Music montage, Garylon Landon (RCA publicity) clip. "One Sided Love Affair". "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck". "Welcome To My World". Joe Esposito Clip,  "If I Can Dream". "Blue Suede Shoes". Carl Perkins set up, Carl Perkins clip. "Blue Suede Shoes". Elvis clip. "Lawdy Miss Clawdy". Scotty Moore clip. "My Baby Left Me". Joe Esposito clip. "Follow That ream. Coming up the Beatles paid a visit to Elvis. Elvis clip. "Burning Love". Joe Esposito clip. "Something". Joe Esposito clip. "Good Luck Charm". Elvis clip. "Don't Cry Daddy". Joe Esposito clip. "She's Not You". Joe Esposito clip. "Can't Help Falling In Love". RUNNING TIME 50:20
CD SIX: Joe Esposito clip. Jim Pewter historian clip. Steve Binder clip. "Guitar Man". "Memories". Elvis clip. "What Now My Love". "Fever". James Burton clip. "See, See Rider. Elvis clip, Joe Esposito clip. "Suspicious Minds". "You Gave Me A Molehill". J.D Sumner clip. "Way Down". "Crying In The Chapel". James Burton clip. "How Great Thou Art". "Unchained Melody". Joe Esposito clip, Mystery train, credits RUNNING TIME 50:20

Elvis The 25th Anniversary Tribute BBC Radio 2 (4 CD set 4 hours)
Part 1: The beginning by Paul Gambaccini, this programme looks at just how Elvis erupted onto the pop culture in the 50's and looking back it's amazing he made it
Part 2: The overlooked periods of Elvis career, by Journalist Richard Williams, this episode delves into some of the lesser known recordings that got over looked through Elvis' career and some real gems are included
Part 3: Elvis Gospel roots by Journalist Stuart Maconie, here we look into the King of Rock'n'Roll Gospel recordings and beliefs, included many of Elvis' finest recordings
Part 4:  The After Death Elvis by Journalist Paul Sexton, a look into how Elvis' career has had it many ups and downs since his death, including his 18th No.1 with "A Little Less Conversation

After Scarborough.
By Rob John, Elvis is hell. At least, he is for Sandy, whose husband Baz is so obsessed with winning the Quiz Elvis UK championships, that he fails to notice his team members making plans of their own. With Neil Dudgeon, Danny Webb, Ruth Gemmell. Director Roland Jaquarello.